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Italy Visa Program Centre

You should arrive at the Visa Software Centre certainly not earlier than 10 minutes before the offered time. We might not be able to cater to applicants postponed by more than 20 mins. Please note the Embassy/ Representation reserves the justification to ask for any extra information or perhaps documents necessary to process the visa software. An imperfect file posted may result in a delays or perhaps refusal of the visa program by the Embassy/ Consulate. Almost all processing moments are a minimal and may differ on a case to case basis. The choice to concern or decline a australian visa, the period and the volume of entries is the sole acumen of the Embassy/ Consulate, the Visa Application Centre can easily in no way always be held responsible for this decision. Make sure you remember to hold your appointment letter with you. For Secureness reasons, zero suitcases or perhaps similar goods are allowed in the centre. Make sure you remember to hold your visit letter with you.

Entry in the Visa Program Centre is regulated by simply show of passport. The safeguard will verify whether name and passport number is listed on the Daily Appointment List before enabling you entry. You should check the legislation section of the site to confirm you are making use of at the right Application centre/ Consulate. Please ensure that you take All assisting documents based on the ‘Documents Required' section of your chosen visa category on the website

Visa Category: Tourism Visit Date: 07 Mar 2013 Sr. Number 1 2 3 5 Reference Number 000236958628 000236958753 000237046272 000237046346 Complete name CHENZHAO LI MENGLEI ZHU YIFAN SHANG YIFENG ZHANG Appointment Time: 10: 12-15 Passport Amount G48403585 G48416490 G57167679 G57175952

Address: JOINT VISA SOFTWARE CENTRE The Battleship Building, 179 Harrow Road, London, uk W2 6NB While all of us endeavor to abide by your appointment time, this may not be always likely...



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