That we, the undersigned, all of legal age and residents of the Republic from the Philippines have agreed to amend a limited partnership under the stipulations herein set forth and susceptible to the procedures of existing laws from the Republic in the Philippines.

AND HEREBY CERTIFY: ARTICLE I. That the term of the relationship shall be: J2DS Ticketing Business, Ltd.

CONTENT II. The principal business office of the Partnership shall be located at Escaparate St . Lapaz, Iloilo Metropolis, Philippines.

ARTICLE III. Which the names, citizenship, residence and designation in the partners of said partnership are the following:

Name Nationality Residence Naming

Jorgielyn N. PardillaFilipinoPassi Metropolis, IloiloGeneral Julie G. TiradorFilipinoJaniuay, IloiloGeneral

Shiela Mae C. CalvoFilipinoAnilao, IloiloLimited

Divine Mercy D. IsaacFilipinoBatad, IloiloLimited

CONTENT IV. Which the term for which said alliance is to can be found is 3 decades from the unique recording of said partnership by the Investments and Exchange Commission.

ARTICLE V. The fact that purpose for which said partnership is formed will be as follows: 1 . To provide good customer service.

2 . To provide excellent customer service.

several. To make great and long-term relationship with our customers.

DOCUMENT VI. The fact that capital with the partnership should be Eight 100 Thousand, Philippine Currency offered in money by the associates as follows:

Brand Amount Led

Jorgielyn Farrenheit. PardillaPhp, 240, 000 (30%)

Julie G. TiradorPhp. 240, 000 (30%)

Shiela Mae C. CalvoPhp. 160, 1000 (20%)

Divine Mercy D. IsaacPhp. 160, 000 (20%)

That no transfer will decrease the ownership of Filipinos people to lower than the required percentage of capital shall be documented in the daily news books of the partnership.

CONTENT VII. The profits and losses shall...



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