Australia: Trivia

 Australia: Trivia Essay

AUSTRALIAN TRIVIA - Concerns and Answers


1 ) Which horses won the Melbourne Cup in 2002? 2 . That which was Sir Jesse Bradman's batting average? a few. Who is Australia's only Method One drivers? 4. Whom won the Brownlow Medal in the year 2003? 5. Who was the most recent Australian to get the gents singles title at Wimbledon? 6. Which will Australian was named the most valuable person in the US's WNBA? several. Which Australian has earned the FIM World Motorbike Championship five times? 8. Just how many rare metal medals would Australians earn at the 2002 Winter Olympics? 9. Of the Australian guy swimmers, who have won the most Olympic platinum medals? 12. What Australian company may be the largest surfwear manufacturer? Answers 1 . Media Puzzle installment payments on your 99. 94 3. Tag Webber some. Mark Ricciuto, Nathan Buckley, Adam Goodes 5. Lleyton Hewitt 6th. Lauren Knutson 7. Jordan Doohan almost 8. 2 – Steven Bradbury and Alisa Camplin 9. Murray Flower 10. Quicksilver

General Knowledge

Just how many countries are larger than Australia? About what state/territory was your highest recorded temperature, of 53oC, documented? Australia provides the world's most significant sand tropical isle. What is thier name? In what season was Progress Australia Reasonable proclaimed as the national anthem by Governor-General? 5. Do most states/territories have the same blood alcoholic beverages limit pertaining to non-probationary individuals? 6. What animal is definitely on the Western Australia flag? 7. About what city performed the Commonwealth Parliament 1st sit? almost 8. What creature featured around the 2 penny coin? on the lookout for. Who is the only person to obtain been granted both the Australian of the Season and Young Australian with the Year game titles? 10. Who is on the entrance of the current issue $22.99 note? 1 . 2 . several. 4.


Answers 1 ) Five (Australia is the sixth largest region: Russia, Canada, China, USA, Brazil) installment payments on your Queensland a few. Fraser Island 4. 1984 5. Certainly 6. Dark swan six. Melbourne almost eight. Frilled throat lizard 9. Cathy Freeman 10. Deesse Nellie Melba

Arts and Literature

1 . Who designed the Sydney Opera Property? 2 . Just how many collections did the late thin Dusty...



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