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" Cinderella Man” is exactly what it sounds like: a Cinderella history about a guy. The termes conseilles bring to mind " Rocky” and " The Karate Kid” but fortunately the similarity stops generally there. The story of James Braddock (Russell Crowe), a fighter down on his luck during the Depression, " Cinderella Man” is about background, legend and courage.

A large number of so-called Cinderella stories involve legend and courage. Why is " Cinderella Man” diverse is its grit. That depicts challenging full of despair and struggling, which produces real anxiety and sympathy. The combats in the video are pasional and bunch a real hand techinque; every strike hurts. (Yes, I did wince during the film. It would had been embarrassing except that my sister was even worse, she only closed her eyes. ) World heavyweight champ Max Baer (Braddock's final opponent) says that perfectly if he threatens, " People die in fairy tales. ” It is the soreness and risk that makes the movie so genuinely triumphant.

Each of our Cinderella man is struck with a streak of loss in his fights and by the Depression. With little operate available, lots of bills to pay, and a wife and 3 children to support, Braddock detects himself between a mountain and a difficult place, like millions of others during this time. Which has a bad record, he seems to lose his certificate to field. When he gets a second possibility, he turns into a symbol of hope and a star to those battling to get through the Depression. �

The question is, may he take that second chance and win? Peculiar as it may seem to be in a Cinderella story, that question actually stays something throughout the motion picture.

Supporting Braddock in his fight for survival will be his better half, Mae (RenEe Zellweger) wonderful manager, Paul Gould (Paul Giamatti), a person living in a pricey but clear apartment so that they can keep up looks. A very brunette Zellweger provides an even and satisfactory performance in a relatively simplistic, though in no way short, character. She is rather overshadowed, however , by simply her two co-stars, Crowe and Giamatti. �




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