Circumstance Comment"Masroor Ahmed V. Condition (Nct of Delhi) 2008 (103) Drj 137 (Del. )” Case Comment"Masroor Ahmed V. State (Nct of Delhi) 08 (103) Drj 137 (Del. )” Case Comment"Masroor Ahmed V. Express (Nct of Delhi) 08 (103)

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Case comment" Masroor Ahmed v. Express (NCT of Delhi) 08 (103) DRJ 137 (Del. )”

ISLAM, ONE of the greatest of world religion through the 1500 years of presence, has been probably the most misunderstood and misrepresented. The reason for this is not outside but it is only due to pure ignorance of its own fans. One of the major purpose regarding the misunderstanding and misrepresentation is the law relating to wedding and divorce.

Firm union of the men and female since husband and wife is known as a necessary state for a content family lifestyle. Islam consequently , insists after the subsistence of a marriage and prescribes that breach of relationship contract ought to be avoided. In the beginning no marriage is developed to be blended but in unlucky circumstances the matrimonial agreement is damaged. One of the ways of such knell is by means of divorce.

Under Muslim law the divorce may take place by the take action of the functions themselves or by a decree of the court of law. However in whatsoever manner the divorce can be effected it includes not recently been regarded as a rule of life. In Islam, divorce is considered because an exception for the status of marriage. The Prophet declared that among the things that have been permitted by law, divorce is the worst. Divorce being an bad, it must be prevented as far as possible. But in several occasions this evil becomes a necessity, since when it is extremely hard for the parties for the marriage to carry on their union with common affection and love then it is better to allow them to get segregated than compel them to live together within an atmosphere of hatred and disaffection. The basis of divorce in Islamic law is definitely the inability from the spouses to live together rather than any specific cause (or guilt of your party) on account of which the functions cannot live together. A divorce may be either by the take action of the hubby or by the act in the wife. You will discover

a number of modes of divorce within the Muslim rules, which will be reviewed hereafter. About the misunderstanding and misrepresentation the, above case is known as a best example. This explains about the divorce in Muslim law and arises serious problem regarding the Talaq. Issues elevated are: (1) What is the legality and effect of a triple talaq?

(2) Will do a talaq given in anger cause dissolution of marriage? ” (3) Precisely what is the effect of non-communication from the talaq to the wife? ” (4) Was the purported talaq of August 2005 valid? ”

(5) Precisely what is the effect with the second nikah of nineteen. 4. 2006?

Question of marital rasurado arises. On the other hand, the maintenance from the child can be questioned.


Talaq as identified in regulation " is known as a release through the marriage connect, either quickly or eventually, by the use of exceptional word”. A Muslim husband underneath all universities of Muslim law may divorce his wife by simply unilateral actions and without the intervention of the court. A husband may possibly divorce his wife by repudiating wedding ceremony without offering any purpose. Pronouncement of such phrases which signify his intention to refuse the partner is sufficient. Generally this is made by talaq. Nevertheless he may also divorce by simply Ila, and Zihar which in turn differ from talaq only in form, not in substance. A wife cannot divorce her husband of her own contract. She can divorce the husband only when the husband has delegated such an appropriate to her or under a contract. Under a the partner may divorce her husband either by simply Khula or Mubarat. Ahead of 1939, a Muslim wife had no directly to seek divorce except on the floor of false charges of adultery, insanity or impotency of the hubby. But the Mold of Muslim Marriages Act 1939 lays down other grounds based on which a Muslim wife could get her divorce decree approved by the purchase of the the courtroom. There are two categories of divorce under the Muslim law:

1 ) ) Extra judicial divorce, and

installment payments on your ) Contencioso divorce

#The category of extra judicial divorce can be even more subdivided into three types, namely, • By husband- talaq, ila, and zihar.

• By wife-...



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