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System: HND BTEC Edexcel

Unit Amount and Subject: 01- Business Environment

Unit Level: QCF Level your five

Module Tutor: Mehfuzul Haque

Email: [email protected]il. com

Date Set: 21/09/2013

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Distribution time: 03/10/2013

Submission time: December 2013

Return particular date: 4 weeks after submission


The aim of this unit should be to provide scholars with an awareness of different organisations, the impact of stakeholders and the relationship between businesses and the neighborhood, national and global environments. This task brief includes of the subsequent tasks:

Task you

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Job 4


Getting together with global and local needs: A Siemens case study

Siemens AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT is a global electrical and electronics business with a yield of £53 billion. The organization employs more than 450, 000 people. The corporation base is in Munich, Germany. From there, management oversee work carried out with the intention of Siemens around the globe. In the UK, Siemens plc offers its headquarters in Bracknell, Berkshire and has more than 100 offices and production facilities. It engages more than twenty one, 000 staff, 5, 500 of these in manufacturing. There is barely an aspect of your lives which is not touched by the company's work. Siemens is a multi-sector business. The business specializes in finding new ways to improve our quality of life and work. Businesses, health services trusts, local authorities, government and government agencies almost all use Siemens expertise. This expertise involves ICT, health-related, transport and energy. Great britain business contains a turnover greater than £3 billion and contributes £96. two million income to the group. Siemens contributes significantly to the UK economy and provides a huge variety of careers. 'Globalisation' identifies the trend exactly where individual countries become much less influential in relation to cross-national bodies. However , since the case examine will show, getting together with local needs is key towards the performance of your business like Siemens'.

Siemens is multi-national. It functions across 190 separate country states. Executives in Germany and around the globe must make decisions in the needs of Siemens' shareholders. Many multinationals have many capabilities. They must make decisions about where their distinct activities needs to be. For Siemens it is not effective to design and manufacture almost all products in all of the countries. It is more efficient to concentrate manufacturing to keep economies of scale through specialization. One threat of being multi-national is the risk caused by money fluctuations. The cost of products delivered from one location to another may vary because of forex changes. The significance of the Euro can surge against the US dollar. In Europe, Siemens then becomes more expensive than US competition. It has an internal risk management function to check this threat. Steps can be taken to avoid it is damaging results. One way of obtaining the UK organization is by making sure that Siemens in britain offers a number of top quality services that add worth to customers' work. A client can buy recycleables from any kind of supplier. The lowest priced supplier, however , may not get access to technical experience and substantial levels of service. Siemens offers highly technological products with service rewards added in. This sort of services capability pushes a competitive advantage more than other suppliers. This is a deliberate approach. Using its globally presence, Siemens aims to meet the needs of a range of worldwide markets. All its businesses report to the German mother or father company. To deliver value to the overall group, each independent business need to meet the needs of its own customers, anywhere they are. Within just every global business there is competition between countries pertaining to investment. Siemens has established global 'centres of excellence' that may serve the specialist needs of the whole group. The Roke Way Research service in the UK provides the whole Siemens group. Any of its...



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