Compilations in English language Iv

 Compilations in English Iv Essay

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English IV

(A Compilation)

Submitted Simply by: Group I actually – IV Frances

Published To: Mister. Gregorio L. Ebron, Jr.

Table of Contents

Launch, vii

Devotion, ix

A Compilation

I. Group Profile one particular II. Terms in English language IV 15 III. Riddles 21 4. Quotations 26 V. Poetry by Renowned Authors thirty-three VI. Brief Stories 47 VII. Biographies of Planet's Famous Experts 59 VIII. Message to Mr. Gregorio P. Ebron 94



This book is a system of the items we've discovered

from our 4th year British, compilation of riddles, renowned

quotations, poems from renowned authors, brief stories and

biographies in the world's popular writers.

This book is not just merely a compilation, but you will

likewise learn from that. You can learn something new and interesting

by just looking over this book. Considering the fact that you will not only learn

anything from this publication, but you will also have fun studying it.

So , to our many other students and beloved educators, have fun

and enjoy reading this book and we expect that you will have a great

interesting learning experience out of this book.



We all dedicate this book to our many other students, by this

book we could simply assist you to your studies and choose your life

much easier.

We as well dedicate this book to our educators, most

specifically to our precious English educator, Mr. Gregorio P.

Ebron, who nonetheless continue to train us even though we're his hard

went students. We all dedicate this guide to you, being our very

own remembrance to you through all this years you have

taught us.

We will never have the willpower to finish this book

without the by using a our guy students and also to our precious

English teacher. Thank you and that we dedicate this guide to all of



Group Profile




Brand: Jennifer Ang Salatan

Bday: January twelve, 1994

Interests: Watching TV., DIGITAL VIDEO DISC, chatting and texting with my friends, browsing novels

Ambition: To be a successful and wealthy flight attendant.

Motto: " You lose 100% by not taking the risk”.


Group Member


Name: Kristel Anne T. Magdasoc

Birth Date: October of sixteen, 1993

Interests: Eating, watching TV., Hanging out with my local freinds

Ambition: I wish to be a successful chef and a famous volleyball person someday.

Motto: " Release, move on, and save yourself”


Group Member


Name: Rendir Miguel W. De Lusong

Birth Date: Sept. 2010 18, 1992

Hobbies: Playing dota, Searching the Facebook

Ambition: To be an engineer, so I can build versions out of recycled materials

Motto: " GG mga Noobs, FJEOFJ Sir”


Group Member


Term: Virgilio Parungao Calayag Jr.

Birth Date: Feb 22, 1994

Hobbies: Viewing television., Playing field hockey, hanging out with my friends

Ambition: As a chef

Motto: " Period is Gold”


Group Member


Name: Dork Norman Cabreira Borja

Bday: August twenty-five, 1993

Hobbies: My hobbies are playing basketball with my friends and playing computer games and I always hang out with my friends and that we play a lot of street game titles


Ambition: My aspirations in life should be to finish my own studies and to be a popular chef in all of world and of course, I want to have got a healthy, wealthy and completely happy family and to give all the things my family wanted.

Motto: " Aspire to inspire ahead of you expire”.


Group Member


Name: Karla Edleen To....



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