Counselors Functioning as a Team

 Counselors Working as a Team Essay


Patricia Dickson

Capella University

Patricia Dickson


April nineteen, 2012

Advisors Working within a A comprehensive Team

Case Scenario

Ashley, a 12-year old lady, admits to a single of her teachers that she feels incredibly depressed. Her mother has re-married and the girl has difficulty adapting to life with her stepfather and his two children. She is unable to concentrate in the lecture or do her groundwork. Ashley also reveals that she has recently been cutting about herself. Mental Health Professionals for the Case

University counselor. Professional school consultants (PSC) happen to be certified and/or licensed education professionals with all the minimum of a master's level in school counselling which makes all of them distinctively certified to attend for the needs of students in areas including: academic, personal, social, and career expansion. They assist in designing, implementing, evaluating and improving a thorough school therapies program that promotes and supports scholar success. They need to meet the point out certification and licensure standards, and adhere to the state laws and regulations where they may be employed. Additionally, they must take care of the ethical and professional specifications of ASCA and other professional counseling interactions (Lee, 2001). A PSC serves an essential role in increasing the chances for pupil success. By using leadership, care and cooperation, the PSC supports equity in and access to a comprehensive educational experience for each pupil (Sandhu, 2000). The PSC offers widely adept providers to learners; to their parents and/or adults; for educators and managers; as well as to the community as a whole. These are some of the areas the PSC focusses upon: • The creation of any school programs

• Planning and goal setting for individual students

• Recommending responsive providers that may consist of

* specific or group counseling

2. consulting with father and mother, teachers yet others on a collaborative team * referring pupils to...

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