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Bi-cycle Helmet Basic safety Institute

Each of our Response to A few

Negative Views on Helmets

Brief summary: Here are replies to some arguments about head gear often posted and reposted on sites. Please do not quote this page out of context. Give the URL and then let the reader make a decision.

Disclaimer: may very well not consider this a balanced view! We could helmet recommends.

For research and sources see the Harborview Injury Reduction Center's overview of motorcycle helmet effectiveness studies. We still see emails about helmets on Internet weblogs that come under the going " head protection wars. " Initially most of the opponents had been inspired by opposition to helmet laws and regulations. But recently they go further more to issue the effectiveness of helmets. The best sort of their strategy is the determined effort to make the Wikipedia access on helmets negative.

As long as the communications simply replicate the anti-helmet law view over and over, we do not get involved. Nevertheless readers probably should not take this to mean that all those views are often accepted, and so we have set up this page to see the other side of the story. And have an added page to consider some difficulties with one Danish video published in 2010.

Initial, a disclaimer. We consider anti-helmet regulation views while legitimate and rational positions in the variety of personal viewpoints. Do not consider yourself " better than" those who oppose the laws, as well as qualified to make public policy, for which every citizen within a democracy is definitely equally certified.

The unfavorable assertions are in striking italics under, followed by each of our responses. That they fall into two categories: head gear and laws and regulations.


Bicycle helmets prohibit vision and hearing, risking the user. Response: We have by no means found this kind of to be the case. Bike helmets do not impact vision. If the helmet intrudes on way up vision it can be evident to the user, that can adjust the tilt of the helmet to boost the front lip. Bike head gear also do not affect ability to hear, since normally they do not cover the hearing. That issue is easily settled by driving with and without a motorcycle helmet, or simply by standing next to a road with helmet on and off. The united states DOT has conducted a study on this issue using motor bike helmets and located that possibly these greater helmets with additional coverage do not influence hearing, and have little impact on vision.

Head gear are weighty, hot and uncomfortable.

Response: This is a subjective judgment for each person, and is quickly tested by user. The majority of riders discover today's head gear light, secure and amazing enough.

Helmets are undesirable when getting off of the bike to store or go to class. Response: Putting a helmet on usually takes less time than putting on bike gloves, however it does put another stage every time you jump on the motorcycle, and we acknowledge that it can be a nuisance upon very short trips from a single store to another. So is usually fastening the seat belt in a car, but you do it to get safety. The helmet could be left with the bike, locked if the motorcycle needs to be locked in that area.

Helmets are not effective other than in small crashes.

Response: We have adequate evidence by medical studies that head gear are indeed successful, and you will find references about our statistics page and our Publications page. Even though bicycle head gear are analyzed in labs in influences at 16 miles hourly, they usually do a fine job of protecting the rider in a crash where the preliminary forward acceleration is bigger, because the seriousness of the influence is normally determined by the final speed in the head and pavement, certainly not by the rider's forward motion. Study on damaged helmets implies that most people struck the ground by a relative rate of about 12 MPH. When a rider is hit by a car or hits a brick wall at 35 mph and the head uses a direct whack at that speed, no helmet will prevent personal injury or fatality. But that type of crash is unusual, and...

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