Csr about Chevron and Kellogg's

 Csr upon Chevron and Kellogg’s Essay


In business globe companies are thinking about how to maintain or increase aktionar values and profit. So , in order to give something back to the general public, individuals companies need to assume their particular responsibilities by being aware of the consequences of their actions in the community and take steps to control all of them because this could affect the community as well as the environment simply by polluting air, destroying the ecosystem, above using all-natural resources and so on. CSR is often called corporate and business citizen meaning companies should be good friends and neighbors of the community not to job against that but collaborate with the resident or the world in order to increase their welfare, to produce a community a much better place to live. (catalyst consortium, july 2002) What Corporate Social Responsibility is all about?

In the other hand corporations have to limit the excess destruction on the environment, and help people in the monetary development this is certainly a way of performing ethically within a business, work with devoted spirit, honest values, global measures and develop a general positive impact of the business for the society. if a company choose to be socially liable they better be prepared to proceed through some issues and critics about the way they operate, plus the goals they want to achieve and must not intercontinental main aim of the business which is making profit,


Chevron's qualifications:

* CHEVRON is usually an American second oil organization which has been founded in 1879 by an American group of explorers since then chevron has changed thier name more than once but it took thier name " chevron” in 1984 and it includes worked with a great many other oil businesses like Texaco and many more, the corporation now have fifty eight, 000employees and 4, 000 service station employees. (chevron, 2011)

* KELLOGG'S is a company which will produce item comes from cereals the company has started in 1906 by T. K KELLOGG'S in USA, it started out with 44employeees but now it may be one of the big company in the world which sell off its products in about 180 countries around the globe (kellogg's, 2011) So now we are going to see how these companies operate in social responsibility in environment and community its work in As quarter company which in turn produce essential oil, it has a big responsibility to defend its activities for it to hold a good impression from the culture so this can be how that operate in CSR:

Environment| chevron| Kellogg's| | 5. protect environment in Dalam negri include family pets in a park by providing that energy and support pads * Enhance agriculture that help farmers in that same area * Drinking water treatment: just like clean a pond into fresh water in order that people can use the former fish pond in agriculture * Generate committee called ESHIA (environment, social and health impact assessment), responsible for studying a project prior to execution to ensure in the event that is not only a threat or possibly a danger for the environment so the ESHIA is able to see how to avoid that or decrease the negative implications it include on the environment(chevron, 2011)| 5. its aim is to decrease the quantity of GREENHOUSE GAS they send into the atmosphere * fresh system of environment protection named K-CAPP (cares about people and planet) in supervising every Kellogg's factory in context of avoid hazard * prevent lack of water: reduce drinking water consummation of their product where they substitute the former approach to cleaning their crops with dry strategy to the rainy system of washing * packaging recycle: the statistics shows that 93% of Kellogg's waste is definitely recycled as well as the 7% is used in medical animals and producing strength (kellogg's, 2010)

CHEVRON and KELLOGG'S are both mixed up in conservation with the environment and try to limit the damages caused by their activities on the ecosystem and warranty the safety of the people who are employing their products, it comes to wonder if what companies inform us is real. For example...



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