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Customer care



Today we all will look in:

 For what reason customer service is very important

 Interacting effectively with customers

 Creating a confident impression

 The skills needed for excellent consumer


 Planning good customer service

 Managing difficult clients

Ice Breaker



3rd there�s r






• Why bother with customer service?

• Who are our customers?

• So what do our buyers want? (more on this



– The best place to living and working and the greatest

Council about - ideal through the eyes of

residents and staff


• Priorities

– People

– Homes

– Jobs

– Place

– Performance


• Our Values underpin all work we do by listing our

organization objectives, determining how we go about

our function and displaying how we intend to make

the visions a reality by becoming:

– A caring and fair council

– A listening authorities

– A great ambitious council

– A responsive council

– An effective council

Wherever Do I Fit into?

Understand and understand core values

Be prompt and useful

Maintain accurate records

Work Description


Standard feedback

Training and advancement

Working in a team


Gen journal

Who happen to be Customers?

Meaning of a customer

Internal/external customers

Consumers are people that need the assistance.

They can be not an interruption to your work, they are

the main reason you have work..

What does Good Customer Service look



What details EXCELLENT service and NEGATIVE service?

Good customer service is choosing that extra step to

help without being asked! Is actually all about frame of mind

and skills.

Attitude Checklist

What perceptions assist in providing good services?

• Get pleasure from helping people

• Go through people very well

• Maintain your customers

• Patience

• Calming existence

• Energy

• Passion

• Offer fair and equal treatment to all


How will need to we present ourselves?

• Name badge

• Personal hygiene

• Clothing – appropriate towards the situation

• Hair – cleanliness and elegance

• Accessories – jewelry, earrings, wristwatches, tattoos,

• Expression – facial expressions

• Possible vocal tone

• Body gestures

• Environment (Can that they see a untidy desk? Dead

flowers in the vase? Eating your lunch time?... )

Greeting Customers

The purpose is to make and maintain a welcoming

environment - how could we accomplish that?

• End up being attentive, acknowledge a person as soon as they appear, even if you aren't busy


• Establish eye-to-eye contact

• Tell them your name

• Ask how you may help

• Give the customer your total attention

• Be polite and courteous……………

What Skills Do We Will need?

• Making use of the cards provided pick your " top 3” which will

you think are the most important expertise to

possess for providing good customer service.

Cerebrovascular accident The Customer

How much does good rapport feel like?

Make the customer feel comfortable

Use their particular name

Make the customer truly feel important and valued

Use empathy

Understand the power of declaring thank you or perhaps


Under promise and also deliver

Boundaries to Customer support

• Bias

• Awareness

• Stereotypes

Perceptions May be Wrong!

How much does Your Community Look Like?

The Iceberg Impact

What is Interaction?

Communication can be described as 2-way Method


Connection skills require:

• Playing others (Receiving)

• Asserting/ Expressing (Sending)






Conversation – The reality!

What you notice

38% of

• Possible vocal tone

• Oral clarity

• Verbal expressiveness

the message

What you observe or experience


• Facial appearance

• Gown and tidying

• Posture/ Body Language

• Eye contact

• Touch

• Gesture

from the message

WORDS…….. ONLY 7% of the concept!

Effective Connection Skills

Eye contact & noticeable mouth


Some questions


to stay


what has been explained




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