Differentiation of Undifferentiated Life insurance coverage Products in Consumers Mind

 Differentiation of Undifferentiated Insurance coverage Products in Consumers Mind Research Newspaper

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The basis of difference in client mind numerous different a life insurance policy brands offering undifferentiated products by law

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Atul Nagar Niladri Chakraborty Soham Nag Souvik Hazra Subhendu Chattopadhyay Jitendriya Rout

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1 . Professional Summary 2 . Introduction several. Objective from the project 5. Secondary Analysis 5. Method 6. Qualitative Research 7. Experimentation almost eight. Survey Research 9. Data Analysis twelve. Findings

Executive Summary

The economies of countries all over the world are facing very tough time. The fallout through the financial crisis has spread from the banking sector for the real economy, increasing lack of employment and hitting consumer self confidence. However , insurance firms have weathered the financial meltdown well. They have a key function in safeguarding citizens and business through the crisis. Insurance providers also have a important role in restoring assurance and getting the economy going In India, like other countries all over the world, insurers happen to be facing a difficult time in rewarding trust among the list of investors. Thus in present scenario most 23 insurers are trying to reach to even more number of consumers by increasing its product quality, flexibility, advertising and so forth. However just about all the companies are selling similar item in different packages. They are looking to create a picture which can back up for sale differently in customers head. In this task we have tried to measure the way the similar items offered by numerous companies are differentiated in client's mind. We now have also tried to measure how customers perceive which policy is gaining them the majority of and what is customer's manufacturer awareness. Inside our marketing research problem we certainly have analyzed the factors regarded as by an individual before currently taking an insurance policy, how incomes play a part in the expense policies. The findings also show the company awareness of the individuals and how the insurance companies are positioned in the minds from the policy holders so that they can distinguish among the similar policies provided by several insurance companies having different plan names prior to taking an insurance plan.


You will find 23 Life insurance coverage companies operating in India beneath the regulation of IRDA and they are supplying different investment and insurance coverage to the customers. The most common types include: term life insurance policies, diathesis policies, joint life procedures, whole life procedures, loan cover term guarantee policies, unit- linked insurance policies, group coverage, pension strategies, and annuities. Several companies are providing similar sort of plans that are undifferentiated legally. Now the main aim of the project is to find out the basis on which absolutely free themes differentiate the number of brands providing many undifferentiated products. Over the study all of us will try to learn the several features which are regarded as by the consumers before selecting a particular brand. We will even try to find out the various factors which will influencing the client to differentiate a particular mycket bra nd from the others.

1 . Objective from the project:  Primary objective: (i) To find out the basic guidelines which consumers take

into mind while differentiating amongst the a number of life insurance Brands. (ii) To spot the main features which are taken into

account by the customers while deciding on a particular item offered by the brands.  Secondary aim: (i) Manufacturer awareness of the consumers

installment payments on your Secondary Analysis The second research associated with our job includes only finding out how many Life insurance coverage Companies are with India and also the different procedures offering by the companies beneath their portfolio.

3. Method         Research Design: Data collection: Sampling technique: Sample size: Area of examine: Exploratory Main Simple randomly sampling 100 Royapettah, Chennai

Research instrument: Questionnaire Speak to method: Instrument used: Survey SPSS...

Sources: Inte rnet links: (i) http://www.irdaindia.org/ (ii) http://www.economywatch.com/indianeconomy/indian-insurance-sector.html (iii) http://www.indiastat.com/insurance/19/stats.aspx



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