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MANIPULATED COPY Edible Agro Goods Limited: Creating Higher Value for Maqui berry farmers. One Mon afternoon in July 2010, Ashok Agarwal, the overseer of Consumable Agro Products Limited (EAPL) sat in the Kolkata workplace, his brows furrowed in confusion when he considered the development figures presented before him. The reasons intended for his dilemma were the availability figures intended for the farmed produce of the new white-colored sesame variety Gujarat Til-2 (GT-2) from Gujarat, a state in Western India (Exhibit 1). Remembering the amount of sesame seeds he had supplied to the farmers, the harvested creation was approach below of his conventional expectation of yield of at least 200 moments per kg of provided seeds. He previously started providing this new variety in 08, and this was your third successive year the yield hadn't met his expectations. At the start of the season this year he had sent out 7000 Kg of GT- 2 towards the state of West Bengal1 farmers. He had expected to receive a harvested create of a minimum of 1400 metric ton. Nevertheless , the survey presented by stores division proved that EAPL experienced received only 300 metric ton of harvested generate. Worse, a number of the farmers who considerable experience of sesame creation had reported a lower produce of the new variety than local established varieties. EAPL, a Western Bengal centered company had been in the agri-business of trading oil including sesame olive oil. It moved into in the trading of sesame seeds current past, and dealt with all types of seeds apart from white seed products. In 2006, Agarwal attended a worldwide conference in sesame in China. Agarwal learned about significant benefit of white colored sesame more than Brown sesame in that workshop. His entrepreneurial acumen sensed an opportunity and scope to get a sustainable social entrepreneurial opportunity. He asked himself ‘what can I perform to develop the farmers in West Bengal and give them higher value'. Agarwal's eyesight was to enhance the advantages of white sesame in Western world Bengal. This individual knew which the colored seeded varieties (viz. Brown, reddish, black, light yellow) generally cultivated in West Bengal give 30% - forty percent lesser produce of poor quality sesame compared to the white seeded variety (GT-2) cultivated in Gujarat (Exhibit 2). Seizing the opportunity he brought GT-2 (Exhibit 3) variety light sesame seed from Gujarat to Western Bengal in 2008 with an objective to bring trend in sesame production in West Bengal and provide higher value for the farmers with the state. The farmers of West Bengal in general make far less compared to the farmers from the North Western and Western states of India. To do this mission Agarwal wanted to have full incorporation of sesame chain beginning with production of white sesame to providing seed and also final top quality product of white sesame oil. Before bringing GT-2, Agarwal told his business partners: We have a great chance in superior white sesame varieties both equally for farmers of Western world Bengal as well as for the company if we can produce it in West Bengal. We can buy seed products of GT-2 variety of white sesame coming from Gujarat, spread to the 1

A state in east India. It accounted for 8. 2% of nationwide population and later 3% terrain of the region.


farmers in West Bengal, then buy back the produce from their website. The farmers may be hesitant to move to fresh variety using their regular grown varieties in the initial stage. But , I actually am confident that they will understand the value of white-colored sesame sooner or later and will adopt it within a year or two. Farmers who have grew sesame were possibly small (marginal), medium or large manufacturers. Agarwal come to the farmers through a few vendors with whom EAPL had built contracts. In accordance with the contract, every single vendor needed to be in charge of convincing several maqui berry farmers about the GT-2 and make them enhance a certain amount of seed. They would have to distribute the GT-2 seeds to the farmers, monitor the availability and take back the gathered produce from their website. EAPL was your first organization in Western Bengal to introduce this...



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