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Chapter a few. 2: Electric power Motors

Part–I: Objective type questions and answers 1 . The synchronous speed of any motor with 6 poles and operating at 40 Hz consistency is ___. a) 1500 2 . b) 1000 c) 3000 d) 750

The efficiency numbers for energy efficient motors (in comparison with standard efficiency motor) could be generally higher by____%. a) 1% b) 3-7% c) 10% and above d) 8-10%


The power intake, in case of centrifugal loads (such pump, fan, blower etc . ), proportionate to ____. a) speed b) rectangular of velocity c) dice of speed d) certainly not applicable


Which types of following motors are most efficient? a) TEFC b) SPDP c) Both d) None


What decides the heat loading around the motor? a) Duty/Load circuit c) Associated with the motor unit b) Temperatures of the turning d) Normal conditions


Unbalance in voltages at motor ports is brought on by ____. a) Supplying single phase tons disproportionately c) Both (a) & (b) b) Make use of different sizes of cables d) non-e of the above


With reduction in speed from the motor, the necessary capacitive kVAr: a) Raises b) Reduces c) Does not change d) None in the above


Application of DC motors is usually restricted to a couple of load rate applications due to _____. a) cost of the motor is high c) Maintenance concerns b) complications with mechanical echange d) non-e of the above


The speed of an ALTERNATING CURRENT motor depends on ____. a) Frequency c) both (a) and (b) b) No . of poles d) None of the above


The speed of the motor can be different by ___. a) Changing supply frequency c) Using multi rate windings b) Changing no . of poles d) All the above


Which of the subsequent are ill suited for cost effective motors software? a) Pumping systems b) Fans c) Impact Presses d) All the above


Reduction in supply voltage by simply 10% will change the rpm of the motor unit by ___. a) 38% b) 19% c) 9. 5% d) no transform

3. a couple of electric motors - modified (table format)


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Five percent increase in supply frequency will alter the synchronous speed by _____. a) -5% b) +5% c) -10% d) +10%


The inexpensive way to improving energy performance of a electric motor which runs consistently by below 40% of graded capacity through _____. a) Operating in Superstar mode c) Operating in delta mode b) Replacing with correct sized motor d) None


Which of the following must be measured after rewinding of motor? a) No insert current c) air difference b) turning resistance d) all the above


Output electric power requirements of constant torque loads differ with _____. a) Acceleration b) volt quality c) Current d) electricity factor


Which in the following can be an ALTERNATING CURRENT motor? a) Slip engagement ring motor c) Squirrel competition Induction b) Synchronous motor unit d) all the above


Stray loss in an debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction motor generally are ____. a) proportionate to the rectangular of the stator current b) proportional for the square with the rotor current c) proportionate to the disc current d) inversely proportionate to the rectangular of rotor current


Which of the following info available on term plate of your motor? a) HP score c) Shape model b) RPM d) all the above

twenty. Machine equipment are a normal example of a) Constant electrical power load c) Variable torque load b) Constant torque load d) a & b

Portion – 2: Short type questions and answers 1 ) Name both important variables that characteristic to performance of electrical energy use by simply AC inauguration ? introduction Motors? The important parameters that attribute to efficiency of electricity make use of by AIR CONDITIONER induction Power generators are 1 . Efficiency with the motor installment payments on your Power Component 2 . How would you define percentage unbalance in voltage? Percentage unbalance in voltage is defined as [(Vmax – Vavg)/Vavg] back button 100, exactly where Vmax and Vavg is the largest and the average with the three stage voltages respectively.

3. a couple of electric power generators - modified (table format)


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