Feasibility Study Outline

 Feasibility Research Outline Dissertation


Summarize of the Project

Title Site

- Emblem of the Business

Approval Bed sheet

- Panel's signatures


- Special thanks.

Desk of Items

-from Professional. Summary to Financial Evaluation

I. Business Summary

-- name with the company

-- starting capital

- business location

- target market

- competitors

-market research brief summary

II. Explanation of the Organization

- thought origin

- bus. collection and activity

- shuttle bus. details; Emblem, investment cost

- job cost

III. Vision in the Business

- goals

-- improvement

-- expectations

IV. The Market

A. Customers

-target market

N. Competitors

- Strengths and Weaknesses

C. Market Research

1 ) Survey Evaluation

- record computations. (Sloven's Formula)

-- demographic profile (percentage syndication of respondents)

- survey analysis

-- frequency in buying the kind of item

- amount of buying the sort of product

-- amount generally spent the kind of product

-- considerations in buying the kind of merchandise

- place respondents usually purchase the kind of product

- variety/kind of products they will buy

- choice of scent/flavor

- retail store they usually purchase the kind of product

- participants usually get the kind of item on the position

- respondents willing to patronized the proposed product

- product participants most likely to try

- variety of merchandise respondents probably to try

- rate of recurrence in buying the proposed merchandise

- number of merchandise respondents happy to buy per purchase

- amount that respondents willing to pay for a item of the suggested product

2 . Demand Analysis

- demand for the product (possible customers)

-- historical populace of respondents (current year)

- progress rate from the population of respondents within the past 5 years; (last month - prev. yr)/ prev. yr

-- projected populace of respondents within a few years based upon growth level; prev. inhabitants x price of incorporation. in populace + (prev. population)

- projected demand; (projected population x % of happy to patronize the item x % who acquire in the location)

3. Supply Analysis

- product supply ( pleasure of the demand of the people)

- famous product flow of competitors

-- growth price of competitors ( compute the average growth rate)

- projected supply of competitors; hist. annual source x ave. growth price of competitors + (historical annual supply)

- market share of competitors; supply as well as demand back button 100%

5. Demand -- Supply Evaluation

- require gap ( total supply - total demand )

- percentage of disappointed demand ( demand space / total demand )

- develop marketing strategies to satisfy demand

- market share of each competitor; total market share back button growth price / total growth rate of opponents

- industry’s market share; ( demand distance x % of market share )

Deb. Sales Prepare

- Tables of the revenue plan while using projected your five years.

Elizabeth. Marketing Program

1 . Merchandise

- merchandise description while offering

- creation cost every piece (breakdown)

2 . Selling price

- item pricing (mark up & VAT)

a few. Place

-- locations

four. Promotion

-- advertisements ways to be employ. (show figures)

V. Organization Process Work

- plan of workflow

- working process plan

- merchandise procedures

MIRE. Business Requirements

- organization background

- form of organization

- elements & deal

- agencies of the organization (SEC, DTI, BIR, and so forth )

A. Business Corporation

- business organizational structure

- job description & qualifications via top to reduce positions

-- recruitment method and training curriculum

- functioning hours

-- benefits of personnel ( incentive leave, benefit, uniform, break time, 13th month shell out, transpo/gas allocation, sick keep )

-- employee attendance & calamite

- organization policy

> employee's execute

> workshop

> safety measures

> sterilization

- business rules and regulations




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