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Historical Ages

The Royal Library of Alexandria, or Old Library of Alexandria, in Egypt, was one of the largest and most significant libraries from the ancient world. The Collection is famous for previously being burned, resulting in the loss of a large number of scrolls and books, and has become a mark of " knowledge and culture destroyed". A single piece of writing might take up several scrolls, and this division into self-contained " books" was a key aspect of editorial work. California king Ptolemy 2 Philadelphus (309–246 BC) is said to have collection 500, 000 scrolls because an objective pertaining to the library.[17] Mark Antony supposedly gaveCleopatra over two hundred, 000 scrolls (taken in the great Catalogue of Pergamum) for the library being a wedding present

Ancient Ages

Egyptian Papyrus

After extracting the marrow from the arises, a series of measures (humidification, hitting, drying, gluing, and cutting), produced mass media of changing quality, the very best being used for almost holy writing.

Dresden Codex

The only currently deciphered complete publishing system in the Americas may be the Maya browse. The Maya, along withseveral other civilizations in Mesoamerica, constructed concertina-style books written on Amatl paper. Virtually all Mayan text messaging were damaged by the Spanish during colonization on ethnical and spiritual grounds. One of the few surviving good examples is the Dresden Codex.

A Chinese Bamboo bedding Book

Publishing on bone, shells, real wood and cotton existed in China long before the 2nd hundred years BC. Newspaper was invented in Chinese suppliers around the 1st century ADVERTISEMENT. 3 5

Middle Ages

" At the end with the Middle Ages, in a town inside the Rhine Area, an humble metalworker tinkered with a rickety wine press, metal metals and oil-based ink. The result of his labors was a device that had taken the world's information to make it exponentially more accessible and useful. ” Google Corporate Website about Johannes Gutenberg1 Handwritten remarks by Christopher Columbus within the Latin release of Marco Polo's Le livre dieses merveilles.

Modern day Ages

Amongst a series of innovations that occurred in the 1990s, the pass on of digital multimedia, which encodes texts, images, animations, and sounds in a exceptional and simple form was distinctive for the book creating industry. Hypertext further better access to information. Finally, the world wide web lowered creation and circulation costs. An electric book (variously: e-book, guide, ebook, digital book, or even e-edition) is a book-length newsletter in digital form, composed of text, images, or equally, and made on, published through, and readable upon computers or other electronics.

" Modern day Book Printing" sculpture, demonstrating a pile of modern codex literature. First printed book in Georgian was published in Rome, in 1629 simply by Niceforo Isbachi 5 six



No . of Books in History

Technological Progression

US-published printing book manifestations, by syndication date (1900-2008)* 7 8

General Figures

Market Share & Penetration

being unfaithful


What happen inside the U. S i9000. Book Market

E-Book Adoption by World's Regions





Just how reader discover books?

E-Book vs Print-Book



Battle the most effective

Battle among the best



A Visual Look at


There is nothing more enjoyable than performing

that work”





Mission & Goal

A visible Look at A Visual Look at

Google's mission is always to " plan

the planet's information and make this universally accessible and useful. ” To be able to accomplish this objective, Google challenges two key ideals:

(a) always concentrate on the user and (b) often there is more information to choose from.

" take all the planet's information to users in search of answers. ” In the interest of an individual, Google should



Ethical Commitment

A Visual Look at A Visual Look at

Google's fundamental...



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