Green Iguana Ethogram

 Green Iguana Ethogram Essay

Animal Patterns Lab

An Ethogram around the Green Iguana

Lecturer: Dr . G. Deluca

Deadline: 2 . 12. 12


Empire | Animlia

Phylum | Chordata

Subphylum | Vertebrata

Class | Reptilia

Order | Squamata

Suborder | Sauria

Family members | Iguanidae

Subfamily | Iguania

Genus | Iguana

Varieties | iguana


The Green Iguana (Iguana iguana) was studied at Ardastra Gardens and Zoo in Nassau, Bahamas for approximately two hours in September 25th 2012. Saving money Iguana is known as a large, arboreal herbivorous species of lizard with the genus Iguana native to Central, South usa, and the Caribbean (Meshaka et al., 2007). They are active during the day, nourishing on leaves, flowers, and fruit. They often live close to water and therefore are excellent swimmers. If threatened, they will start from a branch, generally from great heights, and escape using a splash for the water below (Meshaka ou al., 2007). Furthermore, that they possess a line of spines along all their backs and along their tails which helps to keep them safe from potential predators (Meshaka ou al., 2007). Their whip-like tails can be used to deliver unpleasant strikes and like many other lizards, once grabbed by the tail, the iguana can allow it to be able to, so it may escape and finally regenerate home (Meshaka ou al., 2007). In addition , iguanas have well toned dewlaps which help regulate their body temperature. This dewlap is employed in courtships and territorial displays (Meshaka et ing., 2007). The habitat of these iguanas was tropical nice and wet. The weather on that time ranged from 93В°F to 95В°F. Methods:

The green iguanas were studied applying Focal testing. With this approach, the green iguana was located and its tendencies was noticed for a normal time. Within this focal study, the following data was recorded as they occur: * the circumstance (date, period, location, climate, habitat, sociable context) * the pattern of manners

5. the duration of behaviors (using a...



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