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How Cold Affects Your body

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How Cool Affects The entire body

The body tries to keep body temperature by simply

vasoconstriction and shivering.

Shivering is the body's primary involuntary security against the chilly producing body heat by making muscles to contract and relax speedily.

Vasoconstriction is the tightening of blood vessels

 Vasoconstriction arises in the exposed skin when it is exposed to frosty temperatures.

 The decreased blood flow inside the skin sustains body heat although can lead to soreness, numbness, loss in dexterity in the hands and fingers.

How The Body Produces Heat

Normal body temperature is maintained by a

balance of warmth production and heat damage

Heat can be produced by meals metabolism and

muscle activity.

Shivering increases warmth production about 500%

 lack of food limits the human body's ability to

create heat.

Warmth Loss In the Body

Body heat may be lost simply by four mechanisms.

1 . Convection is the loss of heat in the body simply by air

forced over the epidermis or through clothing.

installment payments on your Conduction, or perhaps direct exposure to a colder object.

For instance , lying in snow good results . the exclusion of

staying immersed in cold normal water; Heat can now be lost twenty-five

to 31 times more quickly.

3. Evaporation, or conversion of liquid on the epidermis to

water vapor. This accounts to twenty percent of heat reduction through

perspiration and respiration.

4. Radiation is the principal method of temperature loss,

accounting for about 65% of the human body's heat reduction.

Freezing Cool Injuries

Take place whenever the environment temperature is definitely below

very cold.

 Frostnip – induced when water on the

surface of the skin freezes

 It is the initial sign of impending

 Frostbite – happens simply in below-

freezing conditions.


 Tissue is damaged in two ways

1 .

2 .

Genuine tissue cold.

The blockage of

blood circulation to the





 Skin shows up red and frequently


 Painful but usually no more damage

after rewarming

 Repeated frostnip in the same spot can

dry your skin, causing that to fracture.

 The skin is white, waxy, or perhaps grayish


 The affected region feels freezing

and numbing; stinging or perhaps aching


 Skin surface seems stiff or perhaps


Care For a…

Frostnip Victim

1 )

2 .

Frozen Victim

Lightly warm the affected area by

positioning it against a warm body portion.

DO NOT apply the affected area

1 )

2 .

three or more.

Get the patient out of the cool

and to a warm place.

Remove virtually any wet apparel or

embarrassing items.

Search for immediate health care.





Allow the victim to exert himself or himself.

Put a great unconscious sufferer in a bath

Give the victim alcohol. Alcohol intervenes

with shivering and increases the heat damage


Rub or rub the victim's arms or legs.

Raise the victim's legs. This enables cold blood

from the legs to movement into the physique core and

heart. Always maintain victim within a flat position.

Animation of Frostbite



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