How to Lead Your Life?

 How to Business lead Your Life? Essay


Various people would want to ask themselves: " Life... What is it? ” some people may think it truly is joy, understanding or the music within. " So how to lead my life... ” each person could have some several point of views. Brian Dyson is usually CEO of Coca Coca-cola Enterprise, when he had a presentation in a school commencement address quite couple of years ago, he told regarding relation of work to one's other obligations. He says life being a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. The five balls are work, family, friends, into the spirit. At the time you throwing them to the air and you will realize the particular work can bounce back when you drop it, the others will probably be have damage after you drop one of these. Keri Russell as well said " sometimes it is the smallest decisions that can make life forever. ” I believe the choice and destiny are closely connected in life. People may need to realize how to strive for harmony in individual life.

According to Maslow's theory, the individual growth development of intrinsic strength is the motivations. And motivation comprises of many different kinds of needs, between all kinds of demands, have priority and everywhere levels. Each level of needs and fulfillment, will determine the individual individuality development express or level. Maslow presumed the human require is hierarchically by low to high. They will includes: physical needs, reliability needs, interpersonal demand, admiration demand, self-fulfillment requirements. People for requirements meaning may possibly have different concepts, it is difficult to understand what issues we really require is. Although human being don't know the actual meaning, nevertheless always groping and looking pertaining to in regular.

For future years is an unknown, the key is to reside the present. Stay in the present real meaning through the Zen (deep meditation). Someone ask a Chan master what stay in the present is. The expert said possess a meal is eating, sleeping is sleeping, and this is called live in present. Due to...

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