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ALTHOUGH, it is generally acknowledged that tourism is the primary engine of development for the neighborhood economy, and turn the center point of related projects and initiatives;

WHEREAS, Olongapo City owns an enormous travel and leisure potential which will, if it is drawn on and developed, could make revenue pertaining to local businesses, create jobs, and boost basic services to the community;

WHILE, the ownership of a travel code, a blueprint of progress and development for the city travel, paves the way in which for the realization of our community's hope to become the Mecca to get tourists of each and every stripe who travel to each of our country from every part of the world, and from every part of the Thailand;

NOW CONSEQUENTLY , on motion of Ethical Gina Gulanes Perez while using unanimous accord of the Sangguniang Panlungsod present;

RESOLVED, AS IT IS HEREBY FIXED, by the City Council in session set up to sanction the following Code;



General Provisions

SECTION 1 ) TITLE. - This Ordinance shall be referred to as " Olongapo City Travel Code”.

SECTION 2 . SCOPE. - This Code shall outline the over-all tourism functions and management in Olongapo City which includes parks and tourists areas. It includes the creation and development of a team to deal with the tourism activities, jobs and incidents, as well as the promotional program of Olongapo Town. This Ordinance shall similarly provide for the accreditation and regulation of the operation of tourism focused establishments.


a) ACCREDITATION. -- A certification issued simply by either the Department of Tourism or the City Tourism and Promotions Department knowing that the business has complied with the lowest requirements emerge its operation.

b) APARTMENT-HOTEL (APARTEL). - any building or perhaps edifice that contain several impartial and equipped or semi-furnished apartments, frequently leased to tourist and travelers to get a period of not less than one day.

c) ASSOCIATION. -- an organization of person/ organizations having the subject matter of travel and leisure as a prevalent interest.

d) BAR (KTV/ Videoke), COCKTAIL COMMUNITY HALL, / NIGHTTIME OR DAY CLUBS, SUPER CLUBS. - Bars are establishments exactly where intoxicating and fermented alcoholic drinks or malt are sold in addition to cooked food. This may also feature videoke entertainment or live bands.

Evening or Day time Club includes any place frequented at night time or day-time, as the truth may be, exactly where patrons will be served food and drinks and are allowed to dance using their partners or perhaps with specialist dance teachers.

Very Club involves any business where meals and beverages are offered to the patrons, with musicians or jukeboxes/ record players set up within it is premises, and where patrons may boogie with their companions.

e) BPLO. - Organization Permit and Licensing Office.

f) METROPOLIS. - The City Government of Olongapo.

g) CODE. -- The Local Govt Code of 1991 (Republic Act Number 7160).

h) DAY SPA. a spa giving a variety of appropriately administered spa services to clients over a day use basis.

i) VACATION SPOT SPA. - a hot tub which has due to the sole purpose to provide consumers with life-style improvement and health enhancement through expertly administered spa services such because physical fitness, education, programming and on-site places to stay where spa cuisine or healthy food is offered.

j) DOH. Department of Health.

k) DOT. -- Department of Tourism.

l) DEPARTMENT STORE. - a store which in turn sells or perhaps carries a number of lines of merchandises in separate areas including a single devoted to native/ Filipiniana things....



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