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Table of Contents

1 ) General Explanation

2 . External Description

several. External Perspective

4. Internal Description

five. Internal View

6. Further Notes

several. References

1 . General Description of the Information System


AirAsia On the net Ticketing System

General Explanation

Airline ticketing systems provide users information on airline activities, taxes about airfare, voyager reservations and ticket records. It permits users and agents to get and spread tickets to any or all available airline flight destinations for the AirAsia network. The user just needs to suggest the desired vacation spot and dates, and the available flight timetable and prices will be made available. Purchasing can be produced without the inconvenience of having to visit a ticketing office in person.

Users (or Other Information Systems) and Customer Functions

Clients – Purchasing tickets on the web and receiving total itinerary. Travel Agents – Set up of costs for trips according to the cost of entry pass.


Customers can purchase their very own tickets on the internet and have a view of their finish itinerary on the web.

2 . External Description of the Information System


Buyers – Signal of air travel schedule inclination, personal information, payment options.

Travel companies – Obtainable type of head to packages


Customers – Complete plans will be supplied. E-receipt can be printed away if wanted.

Travel Agents – Airfare prices for obtainable tour packages which can be re-designed according to the costs of seat tickets.

Information Processing

Purchasing of tickets available from customers

List of readily available tickets leftover and how to price accordingly

Credit-based card payment security checks to make sure legality

Data Stored

Consumer personal information pertaining to future reference and marketing advertising

Buy records that can help determine upcoming availability of air travel schedules

Program Boundary

Exterior (Outside) Components


Travel Agents

Internal (Inside) Components

Ticketing management system

Flight Schedules and availability

Repayment Processor

3. External Look at of the Details System


Figure 1 - Exterior View from the Information Program

4. Internal Description info System

Data Processors

Buyer Management system – Information of customer being used for recognition upon entrance at examine in with the airport. Chair preference and disability problems that may be existing.

Payment management – Ensure information is secure and...

Referrals: AirAsia. d. d. Everyone is able to fly. (accessed in September 1, 2011)

Wong, P, M, C. Mar, 2009. AirAsia – Permitting technology in Airline Market. (accessed on September 1, 2011)




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