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This is to certify that ASHISH RANA from Meters. B. A. 4rd term bearing university roll quantity -611012045 offers completed his Final task Report below my advice.

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" A report on the consumer perception of mobile phone companies with unique reference to BSNL” is a job aimed at learning the competitive position of BSNL, the strength and some weakness of BSNL's competitors, interacting with the present degree of service provided by BSNL and identifying the areas which need attention by simply BSNL intended for improving it is services.

The sort of research performed for the analysis was descriptive research as well as the sampling design used can be stratified proportionate random sample. The test size was 100. The point respondents were the customers of AIRTEL, AIRCEL, BSNL, and RELIANCE in a proportionate amount. The data was collected using a standardized questionnaire, through the interview mode.

In the analysis it was found that AIRTEL and AIRCEL are definitely the main competition for BSNL. AIRTEL's marketing campaign features played a substantial role in attracting consumers and its plenty of value added services and add-on greeting card features has also added to its success. AIRCEL's phone tariff as well as early access into the marketplace and its TEXT facilities has turned customers select its assistance.

It is also located that the great network coverage, contact tariff and roaming facilities are the advantages of BSNL whereas TEXT charges, poor customer care, insufficient value added companies, lack of effective promotional promotions and high network over-crowding are some of BSNL's weakness. It really is found in the analysis the fact that awareness of the schemes that BSNL introduce is unfamiliar to the community. The study has additionally revealed that there are small dimensions of BSNL customers who also are not content with the services that BSNL presents.


My spouse and i take this possibility to express our acknowledgement a deep perception of appreciation for object rendering valuable assistance and direction to all of us by the pursuing personalities pertaining to successful completion of our research study.

I am highly delinquent to Mr. Naveen Sir (Sr. Lecturer), department of management: Sri Sai University or college Palampur (H. P) intended for assigning us interesting task. I have fortunate enough to have him as a amazing guide and for her personal encouragement, prompt assistance, positive criticism, beneficial interest, direction and supervision in completing our job report successfully..

The experience was novel one and we wish to thank each of the people who have given their valuable time for it of the info and completing the record. Without all their consideration it will have been difficult to complete the study.

Ashish Rana


|Certificate i | |Acknowledgement...

References: 1 . David A. Aker, Sixth is v Kumar and George S i9000. Day (2002), ” Marketing research”, Ruben Wiley & sons, 7th Edition




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