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п»їLeisure Concepts

Project 2: Significant Paper

Word limit: 2150 words (up to 3000 will be recognized without penalty) Weighting: forty percent Due date: 18th June

Crucial criteria of this assignment

Aspect Mark as well as Grade

Articles – does the paper examine the issue having a critical eyesight? Does it the essay develop an argument that is well searched and backed.


Design – will the paper follow appropriate essay writing exhibitions? Is it well written and are spelling and grammar acceptable?


Introduction and conclusion – does the paper set the scene well and wrap it up properly? 5/6

Referencing – will the paper make use of CREDIBLE recommendations to support the claims and argument in the paper? Would it follow recognized referencing exhibitions?


Brief summary comment

General, this is an outstanding paper. A superb examination of the duality among work and leisure – great focus on the Protestant work ethic as well. Excellent study of the roles of work and leisure in contemporary culture as well as during history. Excellent references employed very well to aid your case throughout. The only weakness was not following events for reference list (no bullet points) Top work

The Graduate qualities staying assessed at this time assignment are indicated by an By: GQ1: function effectively with and upon a body system of knowledge

GQ2: are prepared for lifelong learning

GQ3: work well problem solvers

GQ4: can perform both autonomously and collaboratively

Assignment grade/mark

35/40 88 HD

Leisure Ideas Major Essay

" With out work, there might be no leisure”. Discuss this statement

Job and amusement have a lengthy history collectively at the opposing ends of the lifestyle spectrum. Work is an activity which carries a sense of requirement, is necessary intended for self routine service and constitutes an external determination. Leisure, on the other hand, is spare time that is not driven by duty which nourishes the health and happiness of the person, with an purpose on revitalization and relaxation from hard labour (O'Boyle, 2011). Hence the relationship between work and leisure is actually a dichotomy made centuries sometime ago used to control productivity and loyalty between workers. Leisure was first regarded as essential as an accompaniment to work in so that it will obtain a balanced life during the industrialisation age for the belief that workers who designated relaxation breaks will prove even more prolific. Beliefs established over time have also written for how the work/leisure dichotomy has been viewed including the protestant work ethic which opinions work as a central part of life and providing dignity, with leisure only becoming acceptable in accordance to its contribution to work in in an attempt to prevent sloth in culture (Beatty & Torbert, 2003). Different societal meanings have can also be found to exhibit the worth of work and leisure as a concept used to display status jobs or to merely keep the peacefulness within communities. Without operate there would be no need for leisure, because there would be simply no reason to relax and become recharged which was designed to equalise the work-life equilibrium, there might only be wicked idleness, for that reason leisure are not able to exist with out work.

Work is defined as an ‘activity involving mental or physical work done in so that it will achieve a result' (Oxford Dictionaries, 2012). Work can relate with a job, challenging activities with an obligation fastened or something that is outwardly motivating and never necessarily an activity of free decision or satisfaction. Therefore operate can be seen because chores, because ‘Chores and work both involve responsibilities necessary for generating and maintaining a standard of living' (Ramey & Francis, p. 192). According to Jewish and Christian religions, work is a moral responsibility as a person should not rely on support coming from others and idleness is seen a some weakness (Weiss, 2008). Similarly, job is seen as a social responsibility based on the worth that all users of a culture must bring about through job, these obligations...

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