Live Life Purposely

 Live Life On Purpose Essay

SurfboardВ ReflectionВ

MyВ purposeВ inВ lifeВ isВ toВ beВ successfulВ inВ whatВ IВ wantВ toВ beВ becomeВ andВ justВ lifeВ inВ general. В LifeВ canВ beВ toughВ atВ times, В butВ whenВ IВ haveВ myВ familyВ thereВ toВ supportВ andВ helpВ pushВ meВ throughВ thoseВ timesВ itВ willВ becomeВ easier. В ThatВ isВ whyВ IВ drewВ myВ familyВ onВ myВ surf board. В JustВ theВ helpВ andВ supportВ fromВ myВ familyВ won'tВ makeВ meВ successful. В IВ amВ theВ oneВ whoВ needsВ toВ makeВ meВ successful. В В

InВ theВ future, В IВ wantВ toВ becomeВ aВ photographer/filmВ editor. В InВ orderВ forВ meВ toВ pursueВ whatВ iВ wantВ toВ becomeВ IВ haveВ toВ finishВ andВ passВ highВ schoolВ andВ getВ acceptedВ intoВ theВ college/universityВ IВ wouldВ likeВ toВ attend. В TheВ AcademyВ ofВ ArtВ UniversityВ isВ whereВ IВ wouldВ likeВ toВ majorВ inВ photographyВ andВ FineВ Arts. В IВ needВ toВ makeВ sureВ IВ getВ goodВ gradesВ throughoutВ highВ school. В Yet, В forВ meВ toВ passВ highВ schoolВ withВ A'sВ andВ B'sВ IВ needВ workВ myВ hardestВ andВ studyВ hard. В ThisВ isВ whyВ IВ choseВ aВ pictureВ ofВ aВ camera, В drewВ aВ bookВ andВ wroteВ downВ " AcademyВ ofВ ArtВ University” onВ myВ surfboard. В В

" IfВ youВ haveВ faithВ anythingВ isВ possible. ” thisВ isВ saidВ byВ BethanyВ HamilitonВ inВ theВ movieВ SoulВ Surfer. В IВ stronglyВ agreeВ withВ Bethany. В IВ believeВ thatВ ifВ IВ don'tВ haveВ faithВ inВ myselfВ IВ won'tВ becomeВ whatВ IВ wantВ toВ beВ andВ beВ successfulВ inВ it. В IВ needВ toВ haveВ faithВ andВ confidenceВ inВ myselfВ forВ meВ toВ passВ andВ graduateВ highВ school, В getВ acceptedВ intoВ theВ AcademyВ ofВ ArtВ University, В andВ graduateВ collegeВ inВ whatВ IВ wantВ toВ majorВ in. В ThatВ isВ whyВ IВ quotedВ BethanyВ onВ myВ surfboard. В

Also, В anotherВ challengeВ forВ meВ toВ becomeВ successfulВ andВ liveВ myВ purposeВ ofВ lifeВ isВ money. В CollegeВ isВ aВ lotВ ofВ moneyВ toВ enroll, В books, В classes, В suppliesВ etc. В IВ can'tВ justВ relyВ onВ myВ parentsВ andВ familyВ toВ payВ allВ ofВ it. В I'mВ goingВ toВ haveВ toВ payВ forВ mostВ enrollment, В gas, В aВ placeВ toВ live, В groceriesВ andВ everythingВ elseВ inВ orderВ toВ live. В ForВ meВ toВ doВ allВ ofВ thatВ andВ liveВ wellВ IВ needВ toВ startВ savingВ myВ moneyВ andВ whenВ IВ amВ oldВ enough, В...



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