Marketing Plan Hair Essential oil

 Marketing Prepare Hair Oil Essay





1)How did the agency get the account?

„«Ogilvy and Mather (O & M) have already been handling the Dabur are the cause of the past many years and for different Dabur products. Thus, they got the account for this ad campaign being a matter of practice. Also, the clients had been more than pleased with O& M¡¦s reputation and their work specifications.

2) How long is the relationship with the client?

„«The relationship with Dabur has become for the past a few years.

3) How long will this advertising campaign last as well as did previous?

„«The Karishma Kapoor Dabur Amla advertising campaign started in Summer 2001 and ended in 03 2003.

4) Agency (personnel) level from which the campaign was managed?

„«All the levels were evenly involved in the plan. The innovative department, multimedia department, development department, client-servicing department - all performed in co-ordination with each other.

5) Is the organization responsible for actions in addition to advertising?

„«In addition to advertising and marketing, the firm also will various other activities like production, multimedia planning, changing the client with latest information concerning changing tendencies; all of which are essential for advertising.

6) Did you obtain a written as well as oral brief?

„«An oral brief was given but generally, every thing was talked about and decided in co- ordination with all the agency users. No crafted brief was given.


1)Does the customer ponder over it high / low participation?

„«For heavy users, for girls, especially those who have are concerned about the and magnificence of their hair (as most women are) ¡V it is a large involvement product.

2)Does this individual feel about this / contemplate it, or the two?

„«For these, it is large involvement -- they obviously feel as well as think about the item before going to buy decision as they would not like to buy something which harms their hair.

3)Is the product of high as well as average as well as dull fascination to the customer?

„«The product is of high interest to especially women. For men, it really is generally a low interest rate product.

4)Is the product a great impulse as well as convenience buying / specialised purchase?

„«This product is a routine obtain for standard users.

5)Is it brought regularly as well as infrequently?

„«It is brought regularly; when it is planning to be done, the consumer applies to a repurchase.

6)How will the product compare with competitive products:

i. May be the brand substantially differentiated?

„«The brand is significantly differentiated as it has Amla, and in addition it uses a superstar for attraction power.

ii. In the event that not, is it as good or inferior towards the competitive merchandise? „«Since the rand name is considerably differentiated, it happens to be considered as a lot better than its competitive products.

3. Closest alternatives for this sort of product?

„«Closest Substitutes:

Brahmi Amla

Shanti Amla

7)Main attributes / specifications with the product?

„«Amla ( Benefits¡Xlong, shiny, healthful hair)

8)Benefits to the customer?

„«Necessary: Shiny and Healthy hair

„«Usable as USP: Amla

9)Does the campaign offer evidence of delivery as well as capability of rewards?

„«The marketing campaign offers proof by using the superstar (who happens to be no . 1) as they are trusted and Amla, which is thought to be good.

10)Does the advertisement provide additional information?

„«No, as it is an item which will not require such additional information (like dealers) as it is transformational and not informational.


1)Target Viewers:

„«Mostly females, both in country as well as cities, Northwest India, regular users of oil, those who are worried and mindful about the health and magnificence of their hair. Sometimes, males also use this.

2)User position of the target audience:

„«Brand loyal.

3)Who is definitely targeted?

„«User and / or purchaser....



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