Mea Warmth Exchanger Style

 Essay in Mea Heat Exchanger Style

1 . zero Introduction

The minor products that is designed with this project can be lean/rich MEA heat exchanger E-114. This heat exchanger is a counter-top flow layer and tube heat exchanger and is designed to heat up the rich MEA stream streaming from the LASER absorber for the stripper. The principle that is applied is heat exchange between cool stream and hot stream which in this case the heat strength is transferred from the low fat MEA stream to the wealthy MEA stream. Apart from this, the chemical anatomist design in this heat exchanger includes the determination of its measurements and warmth exchange pourcentage as well as pressure drop. The mechanical design covers the appearance of pressure yacht, head, supports and steaming. In addition , the operating design and style which includes the commissioning, start up, shutdown and maintenance types of procedures, process control, and HAZOP study is considered. 2 . zero Process Explanation

Figure installment payments on your 1 Schematic of rich/lean MEA heat exchange method flow linen The lean/rich MEA warmth exchange process is offered in Number 2 . 1 ) The MEA-2 stream that contains rich CO2 is flowing from CO2 absorber and enters heat exchanger to get heated up from 61В°C to 80В°C by MEA-7 before coming into the male stripper. The MEA-7 is then cooled off from 105В°C to 84В°C when move across the heat exchanger and recycling back to the CO2 ocupar. The cold stream in this case is MEA-2 and MEA-3 while the warm stream is usually MEA-7 and MEA-8. three or more. 0 Substance Engineering Design

3. one particular Design Method

The rich/lean MEA high temperature exchanger can be described as counter stream shell and tube heat exchanger. The chemical architectural design strategy for this high temperature exchanger involves the following steps of Kern's method relating to Sinnott (2005): (a) assume overall heat copy coefficient, U; (b) choose number of cover and tube passes, calculate О”Tlm, modification factor, Farreneheit and О”Tm; (c) identify heat copy area; (d) decide tube size, type and preparations; (e) Calculate number of pipes; (f) Estimate shell diameter; (g) Estimation tube-side warmth transfer coefficient; (h) Make a decision baffle spacing and approximate shell-side warmth transfer coefficient; (i) Estimate overall high temperature transfer agent and (j) Estimate tube and shell side pressure drop. Coolant is the contaminated solution of MEA with CO2 which is corrosive; hence it should flow through tube-side.

3. 2 Total heat transfer coefficient perseverance

a) Presume overall high temperature transfer pourcentage, U

The and cool fluid go through the heat exchanger is thin down stream with large amount of normal water, hence, it is overall heat transfer unit is primarily assumed because water, U = one thousand W/m2. °C. b) Choose number of cover and tube passes, compute ΔTlm, modification factor, N and ΔTm The heat exchanger is cross-flow with one particular shell pass and two tube moves. The journal mean temperatures can be obtained coming from equation several. 1 . ∆Tlm=Th, i-Tc, o-(Th, o-Tc, i)ln⁡(Th, i-Tc, oTh, o-Tc, i) (3. 1) R=Th, i-Th, oTc, o-Tc, i 3. 2 S=Tc, o-Tc, iTh, i-Tc, my spouse and i (3. 3) Where

* A, i sama dengan 104. 65В°C is the inlet hot liquid temperature;

2. Th, to = 104. 65В°C is a outlet warm fluid temperature;

* Tc, i = 104. 65В°C is the outlet cold fluid temperature;

2. Tc, to = 104. 65В°C is definitely the outlet frosty fluid temperatures.

The О”Tlm = twenty-three. 87В°C, R = 1 . 08 and S sama dengan 0. 43 is determined from the equation 3. one particular, 3. 2 and a few. 3 correspondingly. In order to obtain the true imply temperature big difference, the a static correction factor should be found by utilizing Figure 12. 29 in Sinnott (2005) or equation 3. four.

(3. 4)

∆Tm=Ft∆Tlm (3. 5)

The calculated the case mean temperatures difference is usually 21. 25В°C. c) Determine heat copy area

A=qU∆Tm (3. 6)


* q sama dengan 8. 81Г—106 W is definitely the heat work of the heat exchanger from Hysys; 2. U sama dengan 1000 W/m2В°C is the preliminary guess of heat transfer pourcentage. Heat transfer area obtained is 414. 62 m2.

d) Determine tube size, type and arrangements

The conventional tube size with outer diameter 20 mm, inner diameter 18 mm and length some. 88m is employed in this heat exchanger. The tube...

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