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 Mgmt 587 Case Study Composition

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NutroBalance Case Study Project

Progress Program Administration


06 03, 2012

NutroBalance Example Project

Section 1



To: Mr. Gerard

From: Cornelius L. Davis

CC: Professor William Shackelford

Date: 1/1/2010

RE: Section 1, Idiota – PM587 Case Study

Reacting to your email concerning the NutroBalance project I use established the information you asked as follows. The beginning date will be Monday, February 22, 2010 and is scheduled to be finished on Wednesday, August a few, 2010 (Completion within 117 days). The critical jobs consist of WBS ID 1, 3, a few, 9, 11, and 13. See charts below for detailed screen. Keep in mind the schedule will probably be maintained unless unexpected events occur that effect each of our critical activity path, in the event that that happens it will also move the project conclusion date away further. If you have any additional queries feel free to contact me.

Section 2



To: Mister. Gerard

Via: Cornelius D. Davis

CLOSED CIRCUIT: Professor William Shackelford

Day: 1/25/2010

LSO ARE: Section two, Memo – PM587 Case Study

This email is concerning the NutroBalance job that is bringing out a new item targeting women who weight lift and execute cardiovascular exercise while using UltraMAX tablet supplement. A brief recap of the project details consists of a start date of Monday, Feb . 22, 2010. Your recommendations were to full the project within one hundred and fifty days; primarily I expected the project to finish within just 117 times, with an estimated completion particular date of Tues, August three or more, 2010. The estimated price for the project is $57, 160 based on the additional resource data you supplied.

There were first resource limitations in the first 6 WBS Task ID's, which were connected with Elvira and Wendel's activities. Due to the necessary leveling there were a domino effect that resulted in a crucial tasks change to WBS ID 2, 5, 9, 14, and 13; pushing 3 critical tasks out further. The influenced WBS Task ID's contain 9, 11, and 13. WBS Task ID 11 and 13.. Nutrobalance Example

Case study pertaining to NutroBalance.


The purpose of the case study is to get you accustomed to incorporating Microsoft company Project graphs and information into your project's progress reports. By now you should be able to work through the technicians of loading tasks, predecessors, resources, and costs in to MS Job. But the real challenge facing job managers can be how to interpret the data in MS Project and how to generate it " useful” for you and your stakeholders.

In this case study you will be offered a situation and asked to load the project details into Microsoft company Project. Yet , the purpose of the case study is usually bigger than just properly reloading the Microsoft company Project document. This case study requires you to interpret the MS Project results and incorporate the issues and ends in your interaction with crucial stakeholders. Your output of the case study explores the " softer” aspect of task management, which includes how to connect your leads to your key stakeholders in a clear and concise way.

The point of the case study should be to show you that projects encounter change with time, which causes you, the project manager, to modify and adapt building your shed. This case study is broken into three sections, Portions 1, a couple of, and a few. In every section you'll be given some information on your project and then asked to " respond” to some of your stakeholders. Even though you will discover three areas in the case analyze, you will only submit ONE document, thanks Week 6th. This record will include the answers for a lot of three elements of the case study. [NOTE: Do not be puzzled! It is very important that you just understand that even though the case study is broken in to three sections, you will not be submitting your answer to each section separately, and you will not acquire feedback from the instructor after each section. Rather, you...



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