midnight in paris

 midnight in paris Composition

Mentor Whitson

British 52

21 March 2013

Paris, france after hours

Inside the movie " Midnight in Paris”, there exists a lot of interesting sights with the most beautiful areas in the world. As the film opens, Hard woody Allen showed us how Rome is amazing in the morning, tasteful in the afternoon, and mysterious in the evening. This individual showed various iconic photos of Paris at its many touristic details like the beautiful pavements under the rainwater, the famous water in the city ‘La Seine', and the extensive gardens. This makes the city a beautiful destination for famous music artists and copy writers. The movie shows a nice mix of Paris this summer and Paris, france in the past. This showed when Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Picasso, Gertrud Stein, and Salvador Dali lived there. Hard woody also demonstrated the city of Versailles and Monet's landscapes in Giverny. In addition , the advantage of the places and the images grabbed the viewer's focus on want to watch this film and to discover information about many of the most famous music artists in the early 19th century.

The movie " Midnight in Paris” is a love history. The movie starts off by introducing us to a couple shortly to be wedded. The main figure in this film is named Gil. Gil is actually a play copy writer who is well-known in Showmanship. But Gil is trying to write his first new. The novel is based in Paris inside the 1920's. He dreams of 1 day living in Paris, france but his wife Inez thinks otherwise. She is supporting of her husband's dreams but doesn't find Paris, france as passionate as he really does. While in Paris Inez sees a classic lover of hers named Paul. That they start to go out with them every day and Gil seems like an outcast. His partner is taking note of Paul as they is very brilliant and attractive. One evening they all get dancing besides Gil. This individual decides to walk back to the lodge, but this individual gets lost. Exhausted in the walk, Gil decides to sit down. As he sits down the clock happens twelve and an old designed car shows up. A group of people ask Gil to tag along with them. That they arrive at a party that he believes is 1920's styled. He is convinced that most people are playing along until he meets Farrenheit. Scott Fitzgerald. Gil understands that he is actually in the 1920's. He spends the night with Fitzgerald and begins to meet many other artists and writers that he looks up also. One in particular is Ernest Hemingway. He is inspired by his operate and requests him to see his novel. But Hemingway refuses and tells Gil that one of his good friends could critic it. Enthusiastic about unknown journeys, Gil continues to travel returning to the 1920's every night. One night he meets a new beautiful ladies named Adriana. Adriana is known as a sophisticated young lady whom each of the men desire. In the present day, Gil finds a classic shop where he meets a female who shares some of his interests in music and art. In the evening Adriana and Gil travel and leisure further in to the past. Adriana believes it is the golden age group and really wants to stay. Gil realizes the factor among reality and fantasy. Being aware of this this individual decides that he desires to stay in Rome.

There are many talented actors in this film. One out of particular was Owen Pat. Owen Pat plays the main character named Gil. Gil is a famous play copy writer who wants to create a novel. He is sarcastic, excited, and likes to make humor. Owen Pat is known to become the funny guy who also gives serious movies, comic relief. Rodger Ebert says " Owen Wilson is vital to the films appeal. This individual makes Gil so sincere, so fervent. ” Gil is genuine by demonstrating his love for the town and Adriana. When we are introduced to Gil, he seems very happy to be in Paris, france. His dream is to move to Paris and find out the passionate background. The city holds many secrets, which usually he understands throughout the video. When he journeys back into the 1920's, Gil is amazed by the people he meets. All of them are influential freelance writers and music artists that support his book become more practical. Owen Wilson makes Gil's character wonderful yet funny. One example is usually, he attempts to impress his wife by simply saying information about Paris yet she...

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