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1 . What kinds of barriers to communication can you find in each situation? В В В В В In every scenario, workers of varied age groups were accustomed to different mediums of conversation creating an unusual barrier involving the different age groups. The younger workers- Mark and Whitney- believed more comfortable communicating over social media or via an electronic device; a medium that allows people to speak without developing the same romantic relationship others kind by speaking face-to-face. The older Co-staffs were not used to the form of interaction preferred by the young generation. They will felt more at ease speaking face-to-face. These distinctions created the limitations, because the several aged co-staffs were not in a position to successfully speak using methods they were not really accustomed to. В

2 . В Is anybody " at fault" in possibly or both equally scenarios? Make clear your reasoning. В В В В В Nobody is at fault in either of the two scenarios. In circumstance #1, Tag felt not comfortable speaking face-to-face with the additional managers. So , Mark performed what he knew best; he texted his friends and provided to these people over social websites. Mark had in the past that type of interaction- conversing with someone with no actually speaking to them- since did everybody else his grow older. For him, it was usual to use your mobile phone while conversing so he did not observe anything wrong. Kent (the older manager) did not grow up with similar means of interaction as Draw. This is why Kent was uncomfortable and irritated when he observed someone breaking the conversation by making use of their mobile phone. He was new to something like that happening and by nature saw something wrong with it. Nor of the two were at fault, they merely did what they grew up with. Circumstance #2 is definitely the same condition. The old worker (Brett) was not comfy using social networking or cellular phone which is almost all Whitney realized how to perform. However in the two scenarios both age groups could have made a stronger work to connect differently.

three or more. В Do you believe that in Scenario #2 both grow older and sexuality differences were factors, or just one and not the other, or neither (that is usually was just a matter of individual differences)? Explain the basis for your answer. В В В В В I believe it was the particular age big difference. I believe that it can be incorrect to generalize a complete gender in relation to which sort of communication they use when both men and women grew up with each other. Both genders grew up with precisely the same forms of conversation. A era defines the communication; it is not necessarily defined with a gender. To compare to Scenario #1, the sole factor setting Mark and Kent a part was their age (they are the same gender), and so they had trouble communicating jointly.

4. В How can Indicate, Kent, Whitney, and Brett improve their communication skills? В В В В В Mark, Kent, Whitney, and Brett don't necessarily have to improve their communication expertise but rather additional them and create upon the base that they curently have. Both generations have to open up themselves approximately different kinds of communication. Kent and Omfattande should turn into active on social media sites and start speaking to people over the phone. Whitney and Indicate must work hard to speak to persons face-to-face, probably start setting up meetings for his or her offices exactly where everyone reaches know the other person by talking with accomplish important tasks instead of trying to get it done over the phone. These are skills both organizations need to work towards; they can't just expect to be comfy with them overnight. Having these skills however are keys for the success of Mark, Kent, Whitney, and Brett.

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