Natural-Born Entrepreneur

 Natural-Born Businessman Essay

Natural-Born Entrepreneur

simply by Dan Bricklin

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Natural-Born Businessman

Dan Bricklin

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Sept. 2010 2001

was lucky. No doubt about it.

In 1979, when my own partner, Bob

Frankston, and I created VisiCalc, the

1st electronic spreadsheet, we don't

realize it might jump-start the

personal computer industry–let

alone revolutionize the way

businesses kept information and

examined financial cases.

In the midst of my own studies

in Harvard Organization School,

I had formed grown greater than a

little frustrated by having

to manually compute and

recalculate every single

change on a chart

as I worked well through a case

study. Right now there had to be a

better method, I figured, so I began designing

a computer program to deal with

those inefficiencies. I referred to my idea

to Greg Frankston, who I'd achieved as a great

undergraduate for MIT, and he

agreed to try to turn my

ancient prototype into a

working plan. After

working for several weeks

in the loft of Bob's home,

there were a hunch that we

might have something big on

the hands. The rest of the VisiCalc

account is replete with the typical

twists and turns – not to mention

very difficult downturns. But

that cool little software program

remains to be regarded as the first monster

Copyright © 2001 simply by Harvard Business School Creating Corporation. Every rights set aside. 3 simply by Dan Bricklin

First Person





His most famous invention, the computer

chart, changed the course of organization.

But to this kind of entrepreneur, it was no big package.

He was merely doing what came naturally.

app with the PC industry, and, much to

my personal surprise, I've had to acquire comfortable

with being famous as " the father of

the electronic spreadsheet. ”

Some twenty years and four start-ups

later, I actually still receive my jollies the same way:

simply by creating equipment that fix people's

day-to-day problems. I love to think these types of

are tools that talk with people's requirements,

whether for expressing a personal passion,

including publishing digital photo albums,

or pertaining to solving an affordable problem,

such as automating the small-business

budget or prototyping a piece of computer software.

Times haven�t always been convenient.

I've were living through a suit, layoffs, two

acquisitions, and a failed start-up. (Let's

simply say that I won't be endowing any

university or college buildings or faculty seats

anytime soon. ) But your life as a business person,

professional tinkerer, and technology

and business commentator has

brought me personally many wonders.

Aspiring internet marketers and organization

executives regularly ask me what We have

learned, specifically now that the notion

of being an entrepreneur seems the two

glamorous and, every from time to time, an

effective method for receiving rich. I've

done a lot of contemplating that question

recently, and although We don't have

an entire answer, I do know that until

you find the true dialling and love

your art, the risks might outweigh the

rewards. Sure, training, skill, and that

most elusive component, good time,

are essential. But they are not enough.

You need to have a true enthusiasm for what

you're doing.

You also need humility. Wish coming

out of a period – the dot-com time – when

many entrepreneurs have lost all perception

of humbleness. They've come to believe

which the lessons from the past not anymore

apply and therefore are, in fact ,...



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