North Africa WORLD WAR II

 North Africa WWII Composition

North Africa: Ww ii

In 1941, Australians battled in the North African gets of Libya and Egypt. The Aussie Imperial Push (AIF) categories 6, 7 and being unfaithful fought in those countries. Royal Aussie Navy (RAN) ships served in the asian Mediterranean plus the Royal Australian Air Force supplied air support. Australians fought their 1st major property battle in World War 2 on January 1941, when ever men with the 6th Division AIF, and also other Allied troops, battled Italian language forces with the town of Bardia around the coast of Libya. About 3-5 January 1941, the Italian were attacked and Bardia was captured. Above 40, 500 Italian criminals were taken. The 6th Australian Department captured Tobruk from the Italians on 21-22 January 1941 and the town became a stronghold for the Australian and English forces. At the begining of March, one of Hitler's ideal generals, Erwin Rommel with his Afrika Korps, came to the help of the Italians. By The spring, German forces had started to cut away and encircle Tobruk. Captain Harold Johnstone wrote: Very good Friday. Continuous air raids all day. Extremely heavy cannon barrage every afternoon. Fish tank battle four miles to the south. Saw our tanks burning down […] Our company is now ornamented. For ten months, Tobruk was besieged and Australian force enjoyed a prominent role in the town's defence. The year 1941 was a dark one pertaining to the Allies. The Germans conquered every before them but Tobruk placed out against Rommel and stood in the way of his improve towards Egypt and the Suez Canal. This kind of raised morale in the countries of the Uk empire and Earth. Those who dished up there became known as the 'Rats of Tobruk', because the Germans described them as rodents living in the land. Corporal David Edmondson creates about a fellow soldier and one of his experiences: Within the night of 13th-14th April, 1941, a party of German soldires broke throughout the wire defences of Tobruk … with numerous machine guns, mortars and discipline pieces … Corporal Edmondson and five privates accomplished a bayonet charge … Although...



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