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Works from innovators in real estate property, design, and construction Modified by Kevin O'Donnell and Wolfgang Wagener

Essays from innovators in real estate, design and style, and building Edited by

Kevin O'Donnell and Wolfgang Wagener

Terry Hill Bob Luebkeman


Mark Nicholls


Zhu Yan


James L. Whalen


Volker Hartkopf Vivian Loftness


A crucial feature of today's most innovative and beneficial real estate can be connectivity—the ability to facilitate intercommunication and conversation among buildings and digital infrastructures. We all stand with the cusp of an exciting alteration of our physical environment as we weave a unified digital infrastructure in new and existing properties, communities, and cities. Completely integrated communications become the foundation for as yet uninvented applications and companies that change the ways through which we create and utilize the places where we all live, operate, play, and pay attention to.

" Driving the boundaries of development is the just way forwards. The book opens the eyes towards the opportunities José-Carlos Arnal Juan-Alberto Belloch ahead of us. ” CITY OF ZARAGOZA

Connected Property

Frank Duffy


Windsor Richards, Overseer, Macquarie Goodman Europe

Stanley C. Gale


" From this book, Wagener and O'Donnell have set up an exemplary set of believed and practice leaders. ” Martin Fischer, Director, Centre for Integrated Facility Anatomist, Stanford College or university

Bernhard BГјrklin


Adam R. Brogan A. Eugene Kohn


Dennis Frenchman William T. Mitchell


Sing Ton Foo


Indicate Dixon


Connected Real-estate contains views and guidance from a lot of the real estate and construction industry's most innovative players from around the world. Editors Kevin O'Donnell and Wolfgang Wagener examine global real estate styles and share any potential problems of leaders who will be applying digital technology to create developed environments that transform end user experiences, reduces costs of and improve operations, reduce the cost of house lifecycle, and foster environmental sustainability.

JosГ© RamГіn Burgos


Ludger Hovestadt

SWITZERLAND FEDERAL START OF TECHNOLOGY Cover image: Night watch of the Kunsthaus with the BIX installation ( В© the year 2003 Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz We S B N 978-0-9551959-1-4

June 2007 Price $19. 00 ВЈ9. 99

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Connected Property

Essays via innovators in real estate, style, and construction Edited by Kevin O'Donnell and Wolfgang Wagener


The Cisco® Internet Business Alternatives Group (IBSG), the global ideal consulting arm of Gresca, helps Global 500 corporations and public organizations transform the way they perform business—first by simply designing progressive business processes, and then by simply integrating advanced technologies in to visionary roadmaps that improve customer knowledge and income growth. The Cisco IBSG Connected Real estate property Practice gives trusted, 3rd party advice to senior business owners from a number of the world's greatest organizations. The highly experienced team develops real estate alternatives, technologies, and systems to get real estate and multi-industry sectors, helping to convert user experiences, streamline and enhance the design/build process, decrease building lifecycle costs, and foster environmental sustainability.

Advantages: How technology transforms developed environments Kevin O'Donnell, Business Consultant, Affiliate business Solutions Group, CISCO, BRITISH ISLES Dr . Wolfgang Wagener, Mind of Property Innovation, Around the world Real Estate and Workplace Resources Group, GRESCA, UNITED STATES SECTION 1: CHANGING BUILDINGS

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A collaborative version for the construction industry Dr . Bernhard BГјrklin, Head of Corporate Development, HOCHTIEF, INDONESIA Connectivity in...



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