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 Paper in Teacher Education


Not any nation develops beyond the quality of its education system, which can be highly determined by the quality of the teachers. Professors should be offered the most appropriate equipment during and after their teaching, including articles knowledge and skills and teaching methodology to be able to perform their operate professionally. Mentioned previously by NCTE (1998) in Quality Issues in Extra Teacher Education, " The teacher is the most important element in any kind of educational system. It is the educator who is primarily responsible for setup of the educational process at any stage. This kind of shows that it truly is imperative to invest in the prep of educators, so that the future of a nation is secure. Kothari commission remarks

" The destiny of India has been shaped in the classrooms. "

No doubt education plays a substantial role in nation's development but the top quality of education is greatly determined by the quality of teachers, therefore , great attempts were made and still are being made to improve the quality of teacher education.

Major concerns in instructor education concern the following:

Growth of Colleges of Education, Solitude of Colleges of Education, Local imbalances, Option modes of teacher education, Duration of instructor education programs and Exam system Additional there are issues related to the caliber of the educator education including: Curriculum, Personal and interpersonal skills, Competencies, Subject expertise, ICT expertise, Context sensitivity and new pedagogy to get the global world.


1 . Several types of instructor education corporations thereby lacking in uniformity. 2 . Poor standards with respect to helpful colleges of education. a few. Unhealthy financial condition of the colleges of education 4. Incompetent teacher educators resulting in deficiency of scholars. five. Negative frame of mind of managements towards advancement both individual as well as materials resources. 6th. Uniform education policy with the government dealing with excellent establishments alike. six. Improper choice of the prospects (student teachers) to be admitted. 8. Traditional curriculum and teaching strategies of teaching inside the teacher education programme. 9. Inadequate life long the educator programme.

10. Incomplete and poor organization of teacher education. 11. Unexpected and inadequate co-curricular activities.

12. Subjective evaluation pattern.

13. Practice teaching neither adequate neither properly conducted. 14. Feedback mechanisms lacking.

15. Objectives of teacher education not recognized.

of sixteen. Secondary level teacher education is not really the concern better education. seventeen. Lack of commitment towards the job.

18. Lack of occupational perception

Some of the Problems and Issues concerning Instructor Education are discussed below:

(1) Issue of collection: Defects of selection process lead to deterioration of the quality of professors. Better assortment method may not only improve the quality of training but as well save the private and cultural wastage. A few suggestions are mentioned: (a) Candidates must be interviewed

(b) Test of General Knowledge must be applied.

(c) Test out in school themes.

(d) Evaluation of language

(e) Test of intelligence must be administered

(f) Aptitude; interest and frame of mind inventory needs to be administered. (g) A well immediate guidance service should be supplied.

(2) Deficiencies of small-time period presented to Teacher's schooling: In India, this period features one year after the graduation -- the effective session being of eight to eight months. The main purpose of educator education system is to develop healthy frame of mind, broad centered interest and values. It is not necessarily possible during the short duration of nine months.

(3) Incompetency of college student teachers:

The current training program does not offer adequate opportunities to the...

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