Practical Book Review One: We have to Listen Better

 Practical The review One: Why Don’t We Listen Better Essay

Practical Book Review One particular:

Why Don't We Listen closely Better

Offered to

Prof. Max Mills, M. Div, PH. D

Liberty Baptist Theological On;ine seminary


In Incomplete Fulfillment

From the Requirements Pertaining to The Course

PACO 500 Introduction to Pastoral Counseling

By simply

Marcus A. Banks-Bey

Feb . 12, 2012

Petersen, Wayne C. 2011. Why Don't We Pay attention Better? Conversing and Connecting in Associations. Portland, OR PERHAPS: Petersen Journals.


My own Summary

Petersen (2011) supplies a practical guidebook for visitors who have an interest in increasing their very own ability to connect amongst others in a multitude of adjustments which include tend to be not restricted to business, familial, and intimate. Within this publication, Petersen reveals common, however overseen interaction errors which will many individuals become conflicted with. With these types of common problems, Petersen then provides his view on how to deal with15462 particular boundaries which stop positive expansion amongst those who also seek to efficiently communicate with one other. Petersen allows the reader understand that what results in a breakdown of communication is within part, due to the fact that the individuals involved in the method, fail to start to see the emotion at the rear of what is getting verbalized. This kind of emotion on the other hand becomes converted as a great attack, or perhaps defense to a attack which is perceived as one out of the same thing (p. 108).

The theories which in turn Petersen has evolved, thus gives as a means to introduce, and illustrate prevalent communication issues begins with the notion of what this individual calls " The Smooth Brain Theory of Emotions” (p. 10). I converted this theory to be a ways of understanding the common errors which take place when an individual's put together thoughts, and emotions, do not convey the message which they are attempting to convey . upon who they are conversing. The text messages within the human brain, get interpreted with the emotions which are provide us with sensations with the pit of our stomach, and our common sense becomes clouded by need to be felt, recognized, affirmed, and acknowledged. Petersen however supplies further information about how both the talker, and the listener are able to get the requirements met, provide an effective communication process, turn into solution targeted, and in the end build all their relationship. To assist in this process, Petersen has a patented Talker Listener Card which turns into a virtual third conversation member, or vermittler which encourages both parties to be honest00, honest for the communication procedure, and target oriented. Petersen states, " using the TLC forces us to observe the functions we enjoy. Placing the card between us takes a number of the heat out of speaking about the difficult issues. ” He goes on further in saying, " This two pronged actions makes it harder to get discovered up in a spat. ” If it is such that keeping away from an argument is a portion of the communication goal, the Talker Listener Card assists by giving direction, and goals for both the talker and listener. The talker in the conversation can be reminded that they will be most irritated, and own your problem (p. 65). The goals in the talker should be share thoughts and, thoughts without accusing, attacking marking, or judging. The other side from the card is good for the listener's focus, mainly because it reminds the listener to remain calm enough to hear the talker, plus the problem which the talker shows is not really theirs to possess. The listener should also keep pace with provide security, understanding, and clarity with no agreeing, disagreeing, advising, or defending themselves (p. 67) The remainder with the book introduces various methods and cases which the Talker, Listener cards would be relevant. Petersen likewise provides the audience with path relating to tuning in techniques, and how to get over and above the many conversation barriers which hinder the cabability to build healthy and balanced relationships by effectively being attentive.


My own Reflection

Reading this book provides a time...

Sources: Petersen, David C. 2011. Why Don't We Listen Better? Conversing and Connecting in Human relationships. Portland, OR PERHAPS: Petersen Magazines.

Hawkins, Ur. The Hawkins' Pastoral Assessment Model: Making a Comprehensive Pastoral Assessment from the Self One Circle at a Time. Power Level Presentation.



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