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What is Modern Atomic Theory?

Atomic theory is the technological theory of the

nature of matter. The theory states that matter

is made up of small contaminants called atoms. Prior

for this theory, matter was considered to be able to

become divided into any kind of small volume. The word

atom is derived from the Greek atoms, meaning


The Contributing factors

• Steve Dalton.

• Earnest Rutherford.

• T. J. Thomson.

• Albert Einstein.

• Neils Bohr.

• Robert Millikan.

• Democritus.

• James Chadwick.


Democritus was born inВ Abdera, В ThraceВ around

460В BC. His precise contributions will be difficult to

dope from those of his mentorВ Leucippus, as

they are usually mentioned jointly in texts. Their

supposition on atoms, taken from Leucippus, bears a

passing and partial resemblance to the nineteenthcentury understanding of atomic structure which includes led some to view Democritus since more of a man of science

than other Greek philosophers; yet , their ideas

rested upon very different facets. В Largely disregarded in

ancientВ Athens,

John Dalton

Chemist Steve Dalton was born September 6,

1766, in Eaglesfield, Britain. In 1803 he

revealed the concept of Dalton's Law of Partial

Stresses. Also in the 1800s, having been the 1st

scientist to clarify the behavior of atoms in

terms of the measurement of weight. Dalton

passed away July twenty six, 1844 in Manchester, Britain.

Earnest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford known as the daddy of

indivisible physics designed the theory pertaining to the

structure of the atom. He employed a rare metal foil

test, observing the scattering of alpha

allergens, and demonstrated for the first time

the existence of the atomic nucleus.

T. J. Thomson

In 1897, Thomson showed thatВ cathode

raysВ were composed of a previously unfamiliar

negatively billed particle, and thus he is

acknowledged with the discovery and identification

of theВ electron; and, in a broader feeling, with

the discovery of the firstВ subatomic molecule.


• 442 M. C

Democritus thought that almost all matter can be

composed of unseen elements.

• 1803

David Dalton found out a theory that

subject is simply composed atoms of different

weights and is combined in ratios by weight.

• 1898

L. J. Thomson discovered electron

using houses of cathode rays.


• 1905

Albert Einstein, creates exceptional and

basic theories of relativity, and hypothesizes

about the molecule nature of light. This was the

basis of indivisible energy.

• 1908

Robert Millikan tested the charge

of a sole atom.

• 1909

Ernest Rutherford created the

theory for the structure of atom.


• 1913

Neils Bohr developed the Bohr atomic

model, with electrons exploring in orbits around the

nucleus, and chemical substance properties getting determined by

just how many electrons are inside the outer orbits.

• 1926

Erwin Shrodinger described just how electrons

transfer wave type, and designed the Schrodinger

equation which describes how a quantum express of a

system changes over time.

• 1931

James Chadwick discovers the neutron

element of the atomic nucleus.

Daltons atomic style

Thomson's plum pudding version

Rutherford's planetary model/ Nuclear model

Bohr's model

Present atomic version

Thank you

Ourgroup: Sahil Ghate

Jeramy Perez





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