Essay in Siwes

The Guideline


Learners Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)

For Quantity Surveying Section


U. O. Okeke The Tips for Students Industrial Work Experience System (SIWES) To get Quantity Surveying Department

Okeke Ugochukwu O BSc (in view) Section of Volume Surveying Nnamdi Azikiwe University P. Meters. B. 5025 Awka, Anambra state, Nigeria


This manual titled " The Guide to SIWES” is put together to aid pupils who happen to be about going for their SIWES programme to find out what it entails and how to make the right decision in their range of SIWES connection. I thank God Almighty for supplying me the inspiration and determination to compile this kind of little manual for SIWES students inside the Dept of Quantity Surveying. I appreciate my parents Mr. & Mrs. Okeke for their support to me since I was born till now; my personal siblings, friends, course buddies and resort mates also are not overlooked. My Dad Engr. T. A. Okeke, the SIWES coordinator, NAU for his continuous tips and maintain me right from my entrance into NAU till day.


My spouse and i also want to accept the five-hundred level registrants of Quantity Surveying Dept, NAU, especially Franklin, Simon, Obiorah, Kenneth, Ifeanyi and Chinwe for their tremendous support constantly. Also to Mr. Onyechi, H. To. D Qus Dept, my own lecturers -- Messrs Mbakwe, Agu, Ngwu and Sola Ogunsina - for all their determination and confidence to the students of Quantity Surveying Department especially my humble self. May possibly God bless us all. Amen


Preface Introduction (what is SIWES? ) Who may be SIWES intended for? 1 2

Choice of SIWES Attachment Choice Between A Construction Company & A Qus Firm Techniques involved in SIWES List of QUS Firms/Establishments/Company Conclusion

3 five 6 six 8



SIWES is a skill acquisition program designed for tertiary institutions being a complementary programme to the theoretical education received in the tertiary institutions which will by industrial standard are inadequate to serve the practical needs of the industrial sectors. The objective, history and details meaning of SIWES happen to be recorded in the manual that could be given to every student prior to the commencement with the SIWES program. Before the SIWES programme starts, the following items which include; Positioning, The Logbook, ITF SPE I, ITF Form almost 8, Confidential Survey Form, Initial Letter, Searching Form, and so forth would be directed at each pupil who is legible for the SIWES programme. The explained items are hereunder briefly defined: •

Orientation: is a program organised by the SIWES unit and the ITF aimed at acquainting students with all the training and events ultimately causing it. The logbook: can be described as booklet in which the student reviews his activities in his host to attachment. The logbook is definitely endorsed by ITF as well as the School Supervisors during their visits.



ITF SPE I: can be described as placement type given to students by the SIWES unit to get presentation to his employer on beginning of his attachment. Two copies are often given to students each to be submitted with the school plus the other with the nearest ITF office.


ITF Type 8: private form is definitely submitted to the employer by student towards the end of the working out for his/her last report. It truly is completed by student, the employer and the company.


Secret Report Type: same as over but it is filled by the company and sent to the school in confidence.


Introductory Notice: it is released to the scholar about to undertake the SIWES programme pertaining to presentation to his workplace. Scouting Type: this is filled and posted to the organization / organization where the scholar wants to perform his SIWES training. It really is used to seek employment and if you are accepted by the company you will be given a notification to start your SIWES system.



It is authentic that every college student who is inside the tertiary institution should go pertaining to SIWES plan but many people may not go at the best due to some reasons. Subsequently, you...



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