Sofitech Individual Case Analysis

 Sofitech Specific Case Evaluation Research Paper

п»їQ1. I actually classified the subsequent controls based upon what I examine in appendix 1 . For this General Control, it foretells controls which can be set in place to ensure that a patient's IT program operates effectively. These controls primarily concentrate on ensuring that changes to applications will be properly official, tested, and approved ahead of they are executed and that simply authorized individuals and applications have access to info, and then just to perform particularly defined functions. Because of this, the physical usage of the machine room continues to be classified because an THAT General Control. For Program Control, this talks more to automatic controls that apply to the processing of individual deals. They include such settings as change checks, validations, calculations, extremite, and revealing. Because of that being even more automated and IT confirmation, the system needing a complete and valid order number and only allowing a purchasing manager to say yes to purchases up to certain amount fall under here. These are rules that are set in place that will automatically confirm what is going on in the IT system before a manual perspective is needed. The past IT control, IT Based mostly Manual Control is more investigator in mother nature, which depends on computer made information nevertheless has a manual oversight upon it. Both the overdue receivable account being examined by the Credit rating Manager and bank reconciliations reviewed by controller fall season here as they both rely on information made by the computer system but still desire a manual assessment before anything is prepared. I have designated these controls to their parent or guardian categories in the tables below. IT Basic Control

Software Control

IT Dependent Manual Control

Physical access to the server room is restricted

The system requires almost all shipments to have a complete and valid sales order number The system permits the purchasing manager to only approve element purchases up to $15, 000 Overdue receivable accounts happen to be reviewed by Credit Administrator Bank reconciliations are prepared by Receivables Clerk and examined timely by the Controller

Deal with System and Application Alterations

Logical Access

IT Standard Controls: Operations Control

A request to modify an existing program or develop a new software must be posted in writing and become approved by supervision. Only users of the creation control crew are allowed to move (move) things into the production (live) environment.

HR communicates all employee terminations for the administration group for get removal. SAP requires most passwords always be at least eight character types and contain at least one uppercase letter and one amount.

An invasion detection program (IDS) monitors activity for the firewalls and web computers. Unusual activity is communicated on a current basis towards the Network Businesses Center. The Network Functions Center can then be responsible for currently taking appropriate a muslim action upon identified situations. Q2. Based on the orders and what is known about automobile history, five transactions jump out more than the other folks. The first transaction was your Sales Order number 3356798. This was made on 8-7-2008 by Lewis Evans. Yet , Larry Evans was terminated in Drive of that yr so it can be impossible pertaining to him to create such an buy. The second deal that is suspect is 3356792. It appears for the transaction list twice. Whenever it is for the similar dollar amount by the same staff. The third and fourth suspicious transactions happen to be 3359995 and 3356795. That they correspond to product sales ID's of employees which are not on the current sales team. From your look of it, they could be a valid purchase that was made through the corporate channels but based on the information given, they look highly suspicious. The fifth shady transaction that shows up can be 3356799. It corresponds to a buyer number that will not exist. Intended for the initial suspicious purchase, this could be associated with a breakdown in IT Standard Controls by not having right Logical Access....

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