The Death of Thomas Becket: Case Analysis

 Essay for the Death of Thomas Becket: Case Research

Case: Jones Beckets' Fatality

Victim: Jones Becket, Kid of Gilbert and Matilda Becket. Created in 1118, Cheapside London. Occupation: Head of the family Chancellor- till death.

Period, Date & place of loss of life:

Becket passed away on the twenty ninth December 1170 early evening/late afternoon, with the altar of Canterbury Tall. Cause of loss of life: Victim have been said to had been severely assaulted by swords. Suffering from a mighty gash to the head- this getting the cause of his death. Suspects: 1 . Full Henry second

Motive: Presently there had been a feud between two (Henry & Becket) for quite a few years. They had both been good friends with one another, but , after Henry appointed Becket as " Lord Chancellor” their camaraderie had considered a change for the worst. Their on and off marriage caused more quarrels between church, and the followers, as well as the kings tennis courts. This happened because Becket would not enable foul punishments, according to a few. Henry, reputed for his strong temper, required to take Becket out the picture in order to have total control of the church. 2 . Unidentified Knights in battle.

Motive: We do not know in the event this chaotic attack was based on requests given to them(by Henry) Or if they had some thing against Becket themselves. 4 knights had been said to have got sliced Becket to loss of life. Witnesses: 1 ) Edward Harsh

This accounts is by Edward grim, a priest, who was with Becket at the time of his death. He Says;

" The murderers arrived full shield, with swords and responsable. The monks cried out to the Archbishop to flee to the house of worship. But he had long since yearned intended for martyrdom and dreaded it would be postponed if this individual fled to the church. However the Monks taken, dragged and pushed him into the cathedral. The four knights followed with speedy strides. The Archbishop bought the doors with the church to become kept available. In a soul of crazy fury the Knights known as out, ‘Where is Jones Becket, traitor to the California king and this region? ' As of this he quite unafraid arrived down the actions and answered ‘ Im here,...



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