The Safety Rules of your Sand Washer

 The Safety Rules of a Fine sand Washing Machine Composition

Hongxing sand washer, that is used for cleaning and washing dust and powder away from the sand, built with VSI impact crusher in sand producing. It is aimed at improving the standard of sand. Yellow sand washer hard drives the impeller in the water groove to go like a group of friends transmitted simply by motor and decelerator, after which mixes, overturns, cleans and discharges the sand or slag pellets in the normal water groove. Yellow sand washing machine is usually widely utilized in the next industries: quarry, minerals, building, transportation, chemical substance industry, normal water conservation and hydropower, bare cement mixture stop and so on. в—† the users must install the protective unit on the triangle belt based upon site-specific conditions before functioning the crushed stone washer. в—† don not feed the materials more than the required size to the yellow sand washer. в—† if the equipment has irregular vibration or sound, you should immediately quit feeding, to get inside the materials is drained, and quickly stop the motor to check, and troubleshooting in order to continue procedure. Stop the motor 1st in the case of the tight situation. в—† fine sand washing machine prior to the start of the first rotating the rotor manually , to check the device ministries any kind of abnormal happening. в—† yellow sand washing machine fix and clean-up operation may not be work footwear repair can be strictly prohibited. в—† yellow sand washing machines should be fixed way of rotation, shall not end up being reverse rotation. Sand automatic washer to the significance of the workplace should not put their things, and there must be enough light pertaining to the lighting. Driven by simply motor and reducer, the impeller in the trough will keep circular rotation and that causes the sand and slag allergens mixing and rolling-over and panning. Along with dewatering, they are going to finally always be discharged out. In our firm, this series is actually a high-efficient cleansing device, which will adopts advanced technology and combines with the genuine situation in domestic sandstone industries. It has advantages of substantial effective cleaning,...



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