Product 3 D1

 Unit three or more D1 Essay

DariaВ AminВ В

EvaluateВ theВ effectivenessВ ofВ theВ useВ ofВ techniquesВ usedВ inВ marketingВ productsВ inВ oneВ organisationВ В


ApplesВ marketingВ techniquesВ areВ decentВ butВ IВ cannotВ sayВ thatВ theyВ areВ doingВ theirВ marketingВ veryВ good, В thisВ isВ becauseВ thereВ areВ someВ areasВ whereВ theyВ couldВ improveВ inВ marketing. В В В

AppleВ aimsВ areВ realisticВ andВ goodВ becauseВ theyВ haveВ aВ bigВ targetВ toВ reach. В TheВ problemВ isВ thatВ theyВ areВ notВ meetingВ theseВ aims. В ForВ example, В oneВ ofВ theirВ aimsВ ofВ AppleВ isВ toВ showВ theirВ strengthВ toВ theВ population. В AppleВ areВ aВ globalВ business, В theyВ doВ sellВ productsВ aroundВ theВ world, В butВ theyВ haveВ toВ beВ awareВ thatВ thereВ areВ otherВ businessesВ thatВ haveВ aВ similarВ businessВ toВ AppleВ suchВ asВ Samsung, В NokiaВ ect, В theseВ otherВ businessВ alsoВ sellВ technologyВ butВ theyВ doВ notВ sellВ musicВ products. В AllВ theВ peopleВ areВ familiarВ withВ allВ theseВ businessВ butВ thereВ isВ aВ smallВ minorityВ ofВ peopleВ whoВ don'tВ knowВ whatВ AppleВ is, В thisВ isВ becauseВ ofВ poorВ promotion. В InВ myВ ownВ opinionВ IВ thinkВ thatВ AppleВ doВ lessВ advertisingВ toВ theВ publicВ otherВ thanВ NokiaВ orВ otherВ techВ businesses. В MarksВ andВ SpencerВ needВ toВ marketВ theirВ productsВ wellВ that'sВ oneВ thingВ theyВ needВ toВ improveВ on. В OverallВ AppleВ needВ toВ concentrateВ onВ theirВ marketingВ aims. В TheyВ alsoВ needВ toВ understandВ thatВ theirВ competitorsВ areВ takingВ allВ theirВ customersВ soВ theyВ needВ toВ doВ moreВ promotionsВ toВ competeВ withВ theВ otherВ retailВ stores. В В

IВ amВ fascinatedВ withВ ApplesВ growthВ strategyНѕВ theyВ areВ puttingВ effortВ toВ createВ newВ productВ forВ theВ customersВ andВ theyВ areВ developingВ theirВ productsВ well. В TheseВ actionsВ fromВ theВ companyВ areВ satisfyingВ theВ customers. В SoВ thisВ letsВ meВ believeВ thatВ theirВ growthВ strategyВ isВ effectiveВ asВ aВ marketingВ technique. В ThisВ isВ becauseВ ifВ theВ customerВ isВ notВ satisfiedВ withВ aВ product, В theyВ wouldВ haveВ aВ teamВ whoВ willВ findВ outВ whatВ isВ wrongВ withВ theВ product. В WhenВ theyВ findВ outВ whatВ theВ problemВ isВ thenВ theyВ willВ changeВ theyВ willВ changeВ theВ existingВ productВ intoВ aВ newВ one. В...



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